Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Fantastic weekend all around.

Saturday: Tuxedo fitting w/ the Jervettes, followed by brunch, bowling, Other Music visit, pool at Bleecker Bar and then a fantastic dinner at Max's on Avenue B. There's no feeling quite like drinking for 9 hours on the first beautiful day of the year. Bowled a 125, 144(?!) and 121. Bought: Broken Social Scene "Feel Good Lost", Neutral Milk Hotel "...Aeroplane" (finally), and Aceyalone "All Balls Don't Bounce (revisited)".

Sunday: Mostly hung around until JP's annual Oscar party. I won the pool last year, but didn't do so well last night. Still, a great time. Really bummed out by Bill Murray - Sean Penn is great, but he gets those kinds of roles all the time, whereas Bill Murray might never be in that spot again (unless, of course, The Life Aquatic is as good as I hope it is). Also bummed out by Mitch & Mickey losing "Best Song", although "Best Song" is quite possibly the most irrelevant category of the night. Honestly, can anyone remember any Best Song winners for the last 10 years? 5? Last year, even? Not me. I know that "Blame Canada" DIDN'T win all those years ago, nor did Elliott Smith, and now Mitch & Mickey get denied. Travesty. Now I'm just freaking out for the extended LOTR: ROTK DVD.

Today I'm tired and feeling somewhat shitty. Just thought you should know.

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