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Maybe it's not steroids after all. mgrasso pointed this out, but I saw it with my own eyes on this morning's Sportscenter: Curt Schilling is an gigantic nerd. So is Doug Glanville, for that matter.

"I vowed revenge on the soul of Bingbong," Glanville said, "for the negligent actions of Cylc."
An old story, but still a very good one. Schill's also been hanging out on Sox fan web bulletin boards, even before the deal got made to bring him to Boston. So yeah, big nerd.
I've been reading about Schilling's posts on other baseball blogs; he's so insanely cool. He's one of the only star athletes who really comes across as a genuinely nice guy and who's also a real, 3-D person - David Cone being another notable example. And to see him wearing an Everquest cap at a press conference - however informal it may have been, and it looked pretty informal - is just fucking awesome.

Still, though, I hated him as a D-back and I hate him even more as a Red Sox. And when the Yankees come up to Fenway and Schilling drills A-Rod in the shoulder (you know he will, he's so fired up about this rivalry), I'll seethe with bitter rage as he basks in the adoration of the Fenway Faithful.
I always liked Coney, even before he came to the Sox. My roommate in college was from Florida, and she was a huge Yankees fan... we had a good chuckle over that one year his promotional photo featured him with his eyes bugged way out like Arthur Carlson when he was running for office.

In fact, I've been surrounded by Yankees fans my whole life. One of my best friends in high school (5 miles outside of Boston, no less) was a die-hard Yankees fan with no excuse to be one, really (this was in the early 90s). They torment me.
Yup. Definitely a nerd.
Someone who gets into a fight on everquest then makes a beeline for safety, leaving their friends in the lurch as the monsters flock to their position, is called a "train conductor" or just simply, "train."

Apparently, Schill has somewhat of a "train" reputation.

http://espn.go.com/mlb/columns/stark_jayson/1214395.html (scroll way down)

Also, he likes to think about what D&D races and classes other baseball players would be: