Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. The morning commute:
  • "One PM Again", Yo La Tengo

  • "Take Off Your Cool", Outkast

  • "Karate Schnitzel", Tenacious D

  • "Castles Made of Sand", JHE

  • "You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful", XTC

  • "Margerine Rock", Stereolab

  • "Support System", Liz Phair

  • "The Wanton Song", Led Zeppelin

  • "Flakes", Frank Zappa

  • "Guinnevere", CSNY

  • "Where We Went Off", French Kicks

  • "Love On A Farmboy's Wages", XTC
2. The weekend was a lot more eventful for Kath than it was for me; she had her dress fitting on Saturday and then her shower on Sunday. One of her gifts was this beautiful wine rack, which her dad ended up building (since I was at rehearsal) and we ended up rearranging our living room around it. I like having a new room.

3. Rehearsal was basically more drum tracks. We've got 2 songs in the can, and about 16 more to go. I'm really really really really really anxious to start doing guitars, but we've got to do the drums first.

4. Speaking of anxiety, my terrorism anxiety levels are as high as they've been in quite some time. It started up again with Madrid and hasn't really let off. Of course, now all the tabloid papers have gigantic headline stories about Al Queda having suitcase nukes, which is just wonderful. This morning's news about Hamas is also getting my blood pressure to record levels.

5. Wedding wedding wedding. 2 months and one day. I wish the rent-a-rabbi we hired would return my phone calls.

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