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Food survey, stolen from blergeatkitty.

What's the last thing you ate? Toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter.

What's your favourite cheese? I'm lactose-intolerant, but I'll cheat for some brie any ol' time.

What's your favourite fish? Tuna

What's your favourite fruit? Clementines

When, if ever, did you start liking olives? Around the same time I started to enjoy martinis. Also, Kath started making her "famous" olive-oil dip a couple years ago, that went a long way.

When, if ever, did you start liking beer? Freshman year of college, because living in NYC exposed me to other worlds beyond Milwaukee's Best and Natural Light.

When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish? I've liked crab cakes for a couple years now, but that's about it.

What was the best thing your mum/dad/guardian used to make? My mom's oatmeal cookies. Good god.

What's the native specialty of your home town? Um... ?

What's your comfort food? Lately, belgian waffles.

What's your favourite type of chocolate? Fudge. You get me anywhere near a fudge shoppe, I'm a maniac.

How do you like your steak? Medium rare, and au poivre.

How do you like your burger? Medium, with bacon.

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, well done. Or eggs benedict.

How do you like your potatoes? As long as they're not sweet, I'll take 'em any ol' way you make 'em.

How do you take your coffee? I've given up coffee (again), but I like it black and sweet.

How do you take your tea? Mint, with honey.

What's your favourite mug? The ones we got on our registry - they are awesome.

What's your biscuit or cookie of choice? Devil's Food Cakes.

What's your ideal breakfast? Eggs benedict OR 2 eggs scrambled, well done; bacon, potatoes, rye toast, orange juice, coffee.

What's your ideal sandwich? Turkey, brie, honey mustard, baguette.

What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)? Bacon/onion.

What's your ideal pie (sweet or savory)? Rachel's, on 9th Avenue and 43rd (?) has a warm chocolate/peanut butter pie that is absolutely ridiculous.

What's your ideal salad? I'm down with Caeser, as long as it's without that anchovy paste.

What food do you always like to have in the fridge? Beer.

What food do you always like to have in the freezer? Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

What food do you always like to have in the cupboard? Progresso soups - Chicken Barley in particular.

What spices can you not live without? Jane's Crazy Mixed-up Salt.

What sauces can you not live without? Worstershire (sp), although it's not really ever a life/death situation.

Where do you buy most of your food? The Food Dynasty near my house, with cranky resister girls and swarthy males who do absolutely nothing except clog major traffic areas in the store.

How often do you go food shopping? Every other week.

What's the most you've spent on a single food item? T-bone for two, Peter Lugers. $50. And, yes, it was fucking delicious.

What's the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment you own (excluding 'white goods')? I have absolutely no idea. We just got a ton of stuff for the wedding, which we didn't have to pay for...

What's the last piece of equipment you bought for your kitchen? Napkins.

What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without? George Foreman grill.

How many times a week/month do you cook from raw ingredients? Well, I order in about 99% of the time...

What's the last thing you cooked from raw ingredients? I filled the Brita pitcher the other day.

What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig and poultry? Lamb, duck.

What's the last time you ate something that had fallen on the floor? Probably over the weekend.

What's the last time you ate something you'd picked in the wild? Ha! Like I'm anywhere NEAR nature.

Place in order of preference (greatest to least): italian, chinese, french, sushi, indian, thai.

Place in order of preference: whisky, vodka, tequila, brandy, light rum, dark rum, gin

Place in order of preference: Garlic, Caramel, Basil, Ginger, Mint, Lime, Aniseed

Place in order of preference: banana, apple, watermelon, pineapple, orange, cherry, strawberry (no pear? wtf?)

Place in order of preference: Sex, Movies, Sport, Food, The Internet, Fashion

Bread and spread: Pita and garlic hummus (or pretzel/Nutella)

What's your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order? Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's.

Pick a city. What are the three best dining experiences you've had in that city? NYC. (1) Peter Lugers. (2) Smith & Wollensky, multiple times. (3) There are about 20 different things I could put in here.

What's your choice of tipple at the end of a long day? Port wine/Jaeger on the rocks/Makers on the rocks.

What's the next thing you'll eat? Lunch, most likely from the dining hall. They've got potato-leek chowder today.

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