Nice. Before looking at the list, I said to myself, "Oscar Gamble and Ross Grimsley are sure to be there," and they were. I have a lot of those baseball cards pictured, as my prime collecting days were '75-'85.

What's with the Jesus-do on Damon? Instead of "The Pride of the Yankees", is this a setup for "The Passion of the Red Sox"?

(A bit of Sam Hamm trivia: my name was supposed to be John Damon Hamm, until my dad, in an act paternal-pride run amok, made me a "Jr." by filling out the birth certificate while my mom was conked out on post-birth drugs.)
Ha! My parents had decided that I was going to be David until my dad decided to write Jesse on the birth certificate while my mom was still conked out. Though I'm not Jesse Jr. or dad just liked that name more than David. I'm with him, but my mom will never admit to being disappointed by the fast one that was pulled on her.
On a completely unrelated note, I've been contemplating downloading some Superchunk. I'm sure you could give me some places to start?
You can go here for a sampling of their stuff and also to get a general feel for the progression of their sound: Don't forget to download Her Royal Fisticuffs!!!

You should also check out to see the video for Watery Hands, which has David Cross. It's not my favorite song, but the video is pretty funny.

As for the rest: Foolish is generally thought to be their best album. It's a bunch of heart breaking breakup songs (Mac wrote about his breakup with Laura, the bassist). Driveway to Driveway is an awesome song. Indoor Living and Come Pick Me Up are pretty great albums, too. Those are where I'd suggest you start.

My favorites are No Pocky for Kitty and On the Mouth, but that's my thing... but really... I love them all.
Hey, yeah, I made that entry private.

I need to talk to you about the next 10 days of MLFNB...while on tour I'm not gonna have ready internet access. Nothing crazy, just a couple of requests. Is the jervo210 email still the one to send an email to?