Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Reasons why I've not posted recently:

1. My mind has been elsewhere.
2. Work has been brutal.
3. Not only has work been brutal, but my work computer sucks.

The wedding is in 17 days and we're almost done with the preparations; all I've got to do now, really, is finalize the music, write my vows, and finish taking gnome pictures with Kath. (After the wedding, I'm hoping to scan in and upload the gnome photos - most of them are pretty freakin' awesome.)

Here's the fun set-your-mp3-player-to-random/lyric guessing game that's floating around all over the place these days. It's not truly the first 25 songs, though, as quite a few of them were either instrumental or unintelligble, and quite a few were the same artist 3 times in a row. Also, because I'm lazy, most of these are in the first or second verse.

1. Now how the goddamn pot gonna call the kettle black? That's bullshit! [Aceyalone, "All Balls Don't Bounce", jongre]

2. She serves him mashed potato(e)s.. and she serves him peppered steak... with corn...

3. They stand alone... they done no wrong... it's such a beautiful life... [Supergrass, "What Went Wrong", dlbags]

4. Sleeps in a hole in the road... saving up to buy some clothes... [The Beatles, "Mean Mr. Mustard", dlbags]

5. The first thing I remember, I was lying in my bed; couldn't have been no more than 1 or 2. [Paul Simon, "Late In The Evening", samhamm]

6. She would have left these red heels far behind if not for her condition...

7. I looked for it and I found it. [R.E.M., "Begin the Begin". mgrasso]

8. If it happens again I shall worry that only a strange ship could fly.

9. I shot the moon, I spoke too soon. And how much did it cost? [Radiohead, "Sail To the Moon", jmg77]

10. Down by the waterhole, drunk every Friday; eating their nuts, saving their raisins for Sunday... [Jethro Tull, "Bungle in the Jungle", dlbags]

11. When I think more than I want to think, and do things I never should do; I drink much more than I ought to drink, beacuse it brings me back you. [the Jeff Buckley version of "Lilac Wine", dlbags]

12. He can't be wounded because he's got no heart. [Elvis Costello, "Watching the Detectives", mgrasso]

13. No good times, no bad times, there's no times at all, just the New York Times.

14. I don't crack the door too far for anyone who's pushing too hard on me.

15. Go down, sweet Yardley. I won't let you fall down. [Pavement, "Fight This Generation", losinginterest]

16. Check out that cocky crowd of crows.

17. I've wasted all my years; been chasing all my fears for another, brighter than you. [Smashing Pumpkins, "Whir", mgrasso]

18. I got it in the mail one morning; there was no return address. [Dismemberment Plan, "You Are Invited", losinginterest, jmg77]

19. Don't you know a zillion years ago, some star sneezed - now they're paging you in reception.

20. Candy striped legs - the spider man comes. [The Cure, "Lullaby", mgrasso]

21. You don't have to be so cruel because all I do is a little less than what I can.

22. It's the song I hate. [Sonic Youth, "Youth Against Facism", losinginterest]

23. Dreamed I saw a desert rose, dressed tall in ribbons and in bows. [U2, "In God's Country", dlbags

24. I'd invite you back to place; it's only mine because it holds my suitcase. [The Police, "Man in a Suitcase", dlbags]

25. Because if it destroyed you, it would destroy me. [Flaming Lips, "Spiderbite Song", jmg77]
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