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Fantastic new Sports Guy.

Even though I hate these lists, I always enjoy them. If that makes sense. Like Blender's entertaining list of the "Worst 50 Songs Ever" last month -- I didn't agree with half the picks, but their No. 1 choice redeemed everything: "We Built This City" by Jefferson Starship. Now that's a horrendous song. Personally, I would have voted for either "Cleopatra's Cat" by the Spin Doctors, "Spin the Black Circle" by Pearl Jam or "Mother" by The Police. If there's a hell, all three of those songs would be playing at once while Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith scream at one another. But still, you can't argue with "We Built This City."
That guy knows his hoops. It makes me feel a little inadequate, since I grew up in Boston at just around the same time, loved the Celts, and I'm not nearly as encyclopedic in my knowledge of basketball.
He's good with the hoops. See, I hate hoops, though, which somewhat alienates me from his columns of late. Of course, his column today was absolutely magnificent and his description of that game made me appreciate basketball at its best.

I still like him better when he writes about baseball. Maybe it's because his knowledge of basketball isn't as affecting to me as his passion for the Red Sox.
It's funny, but after reading a Sports Guy column about the NBA Golden Age of the 80s, I get charged up to watch some basketball. What was that Dave Campo quote that SG was fond of using from the Cowboys Hard Knocks? "When you get better, the team gets better." After I read a Sports Guy column, even shitty 76-62 Eastern Conference playoff games seem like manna from heaven. I'll be watching the TNT doubleheader tonight, headcases, wife-beaters, accused rapists and all.
He ought to. He talks about running ESPN6 one day, and for all I know, he very well might end up doing just that.
Those are three pretty ridiculous songs, though I do love me some 7/8.

I was a bit disheartened that "Ebony and Ivory" was on their list -- I mean, come on, picking on the blind guy singing a song of racial harmony? And yet "Smooth" makes the cut? Oy.
i wholeheartedly agree. "we built this city" really IS the worst song ever released, using any criteria whatsoever.

it is an inescapable, mathematically proveable fact. woven into the very fabric of the universe.

who cares, they're always changing
COR paration names.