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I've been feeling a bit wierd all morning; anxious, perhaps. But coming from physical discomfort, as opposed to mental. Similar to that high-pressure feeling I was having a few weeks back. I'm somewhat morbidly curious as to what a doctor would say about it; I wouldn't say it's benign, whatever it is.

However, not all is ill with me; last night I made a major breakthrough in my "recording studio", and so now I can finally become a one-man band.* This is key. I'm sure I'm not explaning it right, but jdixon witnessed it, so I know I'm not crazy. Anyway, this is a huge leap forward, and I'm looking forward to putting a solo show together, now that I can do this thing.

*I figured out a way to loop my drum machine seperately from my guitar, so now I can loop a beat, then loop a bass line (using my guitar's pitch shifter), then loop a guitar line or two, and then also put lead lines over the whole thing live, without distortion or unwanted effects on the wrong sounds.

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