Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Damn you, Starbucks Mocha Frappucino. I don't wanna hear about it, suzycreamcheese.

Apparently Sonic 2 comes out today, for the Dreamcast. I have no $$. Damn you, temp agency.

I take that back. The temp agency's been doing the best it can. Summer work is tough to get. But these 2- and 3-day work weeks are just killing me.

Tomorrow night me and jdixon are going to see the Dismemberment Plan at Bowery Ballroom - that should fucking rock.

Last night, we went to the Mercury Lounge to get tickets for the Plan; Mr. D got stopped at the door and was almost forced to pay $8 to hang out at the bar w/ me, until we convinced the door girl that we were just gonna have a drink. She said, "Well, it's just that tonight we're having a really big show..." As if there are NEVER big shows at the Merc; as if I myself haven't ever played there.

And what was really depressing is that the BIG SHOW turned out to be a pre-record release party for this chick who looks to be about 15 years old and is already signed to Maverick Records. The bar had these little displays with some info about her, including one of her song lyrics. It was one of the dumber things I've ever read. And she was soundchecking as we were drinking - and she was just terrible. Bland, corporate, un-spunky un-groovy rock and roll. *sigh*

It gave me a glimmer of hope, though, that the Jervo Experience one-man-band thing will actually turn out to be pretty cool. I just gotta get my ass in gear and put a set together...
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