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Downloaded Patton Oswalt's "Feelin' Kinda Patton" yesterday, although I'm unable to transfer it to my iPod, for some very strange reason. That aside, it's absolutely brilliant and - best of all - features two bits that I saw him do a couple years ago, one about TiVo and the other about Robert Evans (aka Cokey McSnortfuck). Highly, highly recommended. If anything, it's kinda good that I don't have it on my iPod, because I'd be making a scene on the subway, at work, etc...

Because I am good and kind and gracious, I will not talk about the smackdown in the Bronx last night. Also because I know that we have a shaky Lieber and some rookie whose name I can't remember going up against Wakey-Wakey and Pedro, and that we live in a cyclical world, and what goes around comes around, etc.

However, I DO have something sports-related to rant about, and it is ESPN's unceasing and unrelenting coverage of the Lakers and their current saga. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE LAKERS? IT'S THE MIDDLE OF BASEBALL SEASON! AND THE LAKERS LOST!!! Fercrissakes. Every single day since the Finals ended, there's some stupid bullshit speculative "story" every morning on Sportscenter about "What's next for the Lakers?" and it gets in the way of my Yankees highlights. Also, why not do some coverage on the fucking PISTONS, who actually WON? I have the same burning hatred for unnecessary Lakers stories as I do for the ongoing McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" ad campaign. I wonder if the two are connected.
Two brief comments:
Firstly, I have been well trained to retort to fans of the Yankees that the Yankees are the Lakers of baseball. And I still don't need Michael Moore to prove it.
Secondly, I do hate the Lakers enough to (had I ESPN) watch unending coverage of the crumbling of the frankenteam. Every second is agony for many people I no longer respect terribly much, so, being the jew I am, I quite enjoy that.
Not a comment, but worth saying nonetheless:
The worst is that fucking "she's got more skillz than you" ad. I hate that guy. Fuckers.
I can appreciate that people would feel that way about the Lakers w/r/t the Yankees. I myself HATEHATEHATE the Lakers the way most people hate the Yankees, and for a wide variety of reasons. The main reason right now, though, is this nonstop barrage of completely unnecessary and redundant stories which are nothing more than tabloid speculation - it's not even that there's any actual news to report, it's just people making guesses at what might or might not happen 6 months from now. Even the Yankees don't get this much press, and ESPN's been accused of "East Coast Bias" for years. In fact, Yankees highlights get bumped so that ESPN can show yet another 10 minute piece about "What Phil Jackson had for lunch and how that might impact his decision on where to coach next year" or some such shite. It's maddening.