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1. Last night's Yankees/Red Sox game was one of the best - if not the best - games I've ever seen, ever. So much drama (Pedro plunking Sheff!). So much heart (Jeter's catch!). So much insanity (Boston's 5-man infield! Jon Lieber getting ready to hit! Both teams loading the bases multiple times in extra innings and not scoring! John Flaherty, hitting .158, driving in the winning run after Manny put the Sox ahead in the top of the 13th!). If you don't like baseball - if you can sit through that and not appreciate how baseball is the greatest game ever, then I have no use for you.

2. Couple days ago I went on a DVD binge; got the special edition of Blazing Saddles, Soapdish, American Beauty, and then FINALLY got the Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze DVD collections. During the game's commercial breaks I watched a bit of the Gondry DVD, and had my brain summarily destroyed. The man is a genius. I know a bunch of you have seen these as well - is the Chris Cunningham one worth picking up, too? I watched the trailers for his DVD and was pretty impressed/creeped out.

3. Weekend is shaping up to be a doozy; tonight is a drinkfest; tomorrow is an all-day BBQ/drinkfest followed by more drinking; I gotta find some time this weekend to record more music...
Don't let my post fool ya...even if I am, admittedly, feeling a bit detached from the Sox this season, I do have to admit that that was an absolutely incredible game. Amazing. Could very easily go down as the best game of the season. It's just a little harder to see it that way when it ended the way it did.
Of course, of course. If it had been the other way around, I'd be miserable. It's the kind of game that changes a season's momentum. Games in July shouldn't be this good. That's all I'm trying to say - from an objective point of view, the game was absolutely unbelieveable.
What kills me is that the resounding sentiment in my office is that Jeter should be on Broadway after that play last night. Look, I can understand hating the Yankees...I hate 'em too...but how can you not respect the man? 15 years from now, when he's getting inducted into the hall of fame, that play, even moreso than the shovel pass from a couple of years ago, will be the play they show to drive the point of his greatness home.

What, people thought he was acting? Gimme a freakin' break. Meanwhile, Nomah couldn't even watch the game with his teammates on the top step.

After that play, I might even break down and buy a Jeter jersey. I've been reluctant to buy anything "2" because it makes me feel like a squealing 13-year-old girl, but seeing him walk off the field with blood on his uniform after making a game-saving catch turned him into a true warrior.
Posada's my boy, no doubt. Sheff is getting there too, although I need at least one more good season out of him before I buy - same thing w/ Arod. But, I mean, I'm man enough to admit that Jeter's catch is enough to proclaim my schoolgirlishness.
give it a shot? ok, you get behind the player you loathe the most on the red sox. i agree with a lot of what he's saying about the sox though.
For a while, I thought that Jeter was a Yankee out of the Don Mattingly/Paul O'Neill mold: a player with nothing more than a mediocre set of skills who was irrationally loved by the fans for no good reason other than he embodied "Yankeeness." But Jeter really does turn it up in the post-season, and when you're the Yankees, that's all that matters.

I hate Don Mattingly and Paul O'Neill.
chris cunningham's one is a lot shorter (by an entire side of a DVD) but his works are excellent. just expect less features for the cashola.
What videos has he done? (i.e., what artists has he worked with?) It seems like this entire series is one big Bjork-fest - not that there's anything wrong w/ that.
yeah, he's done bjork, along with aphex twin and portishead. some good stuff to be sure. i could be wrong, but he might have done some NIN stuff as well.
Yeah, Bjork is the common thread through all three DVDs. Some of the ones on the Cunningham one are:

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Freakiest video I've ever seen)
Portishead - Only You
Bjork - All Is Full Of Love
Madonna - Frozen

There's not as much stuff on it as the others, but there's some cool things.