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Weekend was relatively uneventful; saw "Anchorman" Saturday night, which was scrumptrillecent. It could be argued that Steve Carell stole the movie away from Will Ferell, which in theory sounds impossible. Sliced my thumb open later that night during an ill-fated attempt at making iced coffee, which sucked not only because it fucking hurt but because it meant that I couldn't play guitar and record some new 6 Characters music (of which I've got a bunch of ideas swirling around). So Sunday was spent mixing some acoustic Good Evening tracks (which can be heard here), as it was easier on the thumb (and needed to be done, anyway).
"I ate some fiberglass. It didn't taste like cotton candy, though.

"My stomach itches."
I think the "trident/murder" scene after the big rumble will go down as the Most Underrated Scene in Anchorman. I was the only one laughing hysterically in the theater at that time. Maybe they just didn't get it, kinda like the Smokey and the Bandit II outtake. Total silence. *sigh* I'm old.
My companion and I were the only ones laughing in our theater when the guys were back in the office recapping the rumble...that was hilarious! The hell is wrong with people? I also had to explain the Burt Reynolds outtake, and when you have to stop to explain it, it automatically loses its humor. I'm glad to know someone else got it. :-)
I think anyone who shared those reactions to Anchorman and has DFW on their interests list needs to be added to my Friends list. So, welcome. :)
steve carell is my new hero. and not only is his performance hilarious (the trident thing is priceless, as well as "I DON'T KNOW WHY WE'RE YELLING! LOUD NOISES!" in particular), but the little touches ice the cake. like the fact that at the beginning he's putting mayo in a toaster. and when the team is eating lunch, he has a lunchbox.