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Funniest. StrongBad Email. Ever. Li'l Brudder!

Mostly couch-intenstive weekend, except for Phofo's surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday. My fantasy baseball team, the Corporate Insanity, has taken over first place in my league. My real-life baseball team lost 2 out of 3 to the Red Sox. But hey - if Boston needs to start fights in order to win baseball games and "get back on track", then, well, they suck.
"He's just such a trooper!!"

Definitely the best one in quite awhile.

I watched the game last night, and I'm not a big follower of the Yanks, so forgive me for a stupid question, but is Contreras always that shaky? He looked terrified for the first few innings, and even once he settled in, he never looked very comfortable. I think you guys would have easily won that game if he'd turned in a decent performance.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
The Red Sox own Contreras; they always have, they always will. They might as well have signed him, considering how awful he's looked against them.

Contreras is an enigma. He shows flashes of brilliance - when his splitter is on, it's unhittable - but then he loses his cool if he gets a runner on. His family escaped Cuba a month or so ago and finally joined him here in the US, and he'd been pitching quite well since then, but the Sox just have his number.
"He shows flashes of brilliance"

Really? I must have missed them all.

I know you're just baiting me with that "if they need to start fights" comment, but seriously, it's not Boston's fault that your pretty boy thought he could mouth off without there being consequences.
Dude, wait a minute. I'm not baiting anybody. Arod got hit with a pitch! And then Varitek punched Arod in the face - while he was still wearing his mask! Arod wasn't even charging the mound - he was yelling at the pitcher, sure, but he was still walking up the first base line. Arod has every right to get pissed off when he gets hit by a pitch.

I'll be serious here - I'm a Yankee fan and so I'm supposed to hate the Red Sox. But I hadn't really ever really, truly hated them until that bullshit started.
Well, I know that getting hit by a pitch is a very rare event, so I can see why A-Rod started shit by staring down Arroyo the whole way. Varitek was doing nothing but deflecting things away from his young pitcher, and your guy didn't do anything to lower tempers.

I'm still confused about one thing, though...who kidnapped Kevin Millar and replaced him with a guy who looks just like him but can actually hit?

You're right, it's a very rare event. I can think of, gee, I dunno, a TON of times that Red Sox pitchers have hit Yankee hitters over the past few years. Like Pedro hitting Soriano AND Jeter back-to-back last year. The infamous brawl in last year's Game 3 which was, funnily enough, also started by Pedro hitting a Yankee - a no-name Yankee, at that. Manny thinking he got hit by a pitch that was 4 feet away from him doesn't count.

Also, Arod might have been yelling - he DID just get hit by a pitch, after all - but Varitek hit first. Without taking off his mask, I might add, giving him some added defense. I can't tell what kind of shit this was - the chickenshit variety or just the plain ol' bull.
it troubles me when my team makes themselves look like thugs. honestly, i am not at all ashamed when they lose (sigh), but i was ashamed after the brawl last year, and i was sort of ashamed the other night. i don't like the fact that varitek took a poke at alex, i didn't like when pedro plunked what's his name in game 3 last year. it's just classless.

THAT BEING SAID: 2 brief points.

one: we agree, varitek was out of line. shouldn't have gone after a-rod, if you're going to go after someone at the very least take off the mask, etc. but alex has to share SOME level of culpability. not the majority, but some. this is a fired up guy, on the bad side of a big game, tensions are high everywhere and saying "fuck you, fuck yourself, come on" (my lipreading version, could vary from actuality) is very likely going to get you a face full of catchers mitt. it's not right but you can't be all that suprised at it.

two: you bring up pedro hitting jeter and soriano, but it is, in my opinion, a very different situation. BOTH of those HBP's were literally strikes. if a batter is going to crowd the plate (which is fair, part of the game and surely works well for both DJ and AS) they are occasionally going to get hit by inside pitches from aggressive pitchers (eg: pedro). that isn't thuggery, or poor sportsmanship, or bad blood. it's baseball.