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I was all set to do a vacation recap yesterday, but then...

Well, basically, I had a kidney stone. Had no idea what it was at first - it was basically terrible, terrible stomach pains. I'm no stranger to stomach pain, but this was by far the most pain I'd ever experienced. It was so bad that I called my doctor, who told me to go the ER at Lennox Hill and get a CAT scan - he thought it might be appendicitis. My doctor at the ER, however, did a quick check and thought it might be a stone; put me on some meds, and the meds worked, which made her more sure.

The worst part, aside from the pain, was the waiting. I arrived at the ER at 3pm; my CAT scan wasn't until 7; I didn't get the results back until 11. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better today; just trying to eat something, as I didn't eat all day yesterday.

Vacation was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
I had a kidney stone when I was about fourteen, and it was the most unpleasant experience of my life. Here's hoping yours is not so bad.

Glad you had a good vacation.
Youch. 14? Jesus. The ER folks implied that I might have already passed it, although I don't know when that might have happened since it appeared in the CAT scan and they never checked my urine afterwards. They said it was very small - I think it was something like 2cm x 4cm, or maybe even .2 x .4 (I was not necessarily lucid when they told me). Got a urologist appointment tomorrow AM, so hopefully I'll know a little bit more.
Mine broke up before I passed it, so the passing wasn't so bad, but I still knew when it happened. I've heard some real horror stories about passing them, but the small ones aren't so bad. The real pain you've already been through. That's the only time I ever remember actually being nauseous because of pain.
Dude...I hope you'll be recovered enough to catch a free rock show in Brooklyn on Saturday.
DOOOOD - We're bringing rock to The Lucky Cat in Williamsburg! www.theluckycat.com for directions and time, whoo!