Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. GIG. The gig went well, all things considered. The band that went on after us took one hour to sound check; we got about 10 minutes; the opening slot, a solo acoustic performer, took 30 minutes to sound check. So I never really was able to get a good monitor sound, and as a result I felt a bit disconnected on stage from the other guys, being only able to hear the drums and the vocals. (Oh, yeah, we played with a friend of ours who's the drummer in Volcano; we only had 3 rehearsals with him but he picked it up very quickly.) But we played well, that's the most important thing - we played well, the songs got across, the audience seemed to respond. That's the other thing - we had a pretty big crowd on hand, so it's likely that we'll be able to get a better time slot in the future. Now we just need a permanent drummer and we'll be set. That's the problem, I guess - we played a great show but we've got no momentum since we have to start from scratch again.

1a. I've always felt that it's a good sign when, after a show and you're breaking down, the soundguy puts on some kickass tunes. In our case, he followed our set with The Walkmen's "The Rat", and then songs by Luna and Television. Score!

1b. I love "The Rat". "When I used to go out, I knew everyone I saw. Now I go out alone, if I go out at all..."

2. BED. One thing I've forgotten to write about is that we got a new bed on Saturday. Kath and I have been sleeping on an incredibly shitty mattress for the past 2 years (actually, I've been sleeping on it for about 4.5 years), and it sat on a box spring, which sat on the floor. On a whim a couple weeks ago, we moseyed over to Gothic on Steinway and bought a pretty nice bed, and then, after a shitty experience at Sleepy's, went home and ordered a memory foam mattress. I've been excited about this for weeks, and everything finally arrived on Saturday. The problem, I guess, is that I've been SO EXCITED for this bed that I guess I thought that something magical would happen when I would fall asleep, and that hasn't happened yet. Truth be told, though, I haven't really had an opportunity to get a good night's sleep on it yet - I took a nap on it Saturday afternoon, which ended up keeping me up all night, and then last night I was so wired after the gig that I had a hard time calming down. Tonight, then, I will (hopefully) be up to the task.

I thought there was more. The only other thing going on is that I should be getting a call from my urologist today or tomorrow with the result from Friday's x-ray/CAT scan - hopefully the stone is gone and I can put this thing to bed...
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