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Highlight of the weekend: front row seats for the Comedy Central taping of Patton Oswalt's upcoming special. Kath and I might very well make it on screen - there was a camera in our face for most of the evening. Patton was hilarious, although 70% of his material is on his CD and 20% is from an HBO special he did a while back; no Tivo and no Robert "Cokey McSnortFuck" Evans, unfortch.

Lowlight of the weekend: not much, really, although Mariano's meltdown on Friday night was sad. But, then, there was Saturday and Sunday that made up for it.

My fantasy baseball team, which somehow made it to third place before the league playoffs started, has completely fallen apart - after leading most of the week, my team died over the weekend and I finished in 6th place. Don't know whether they overperformed or I just got lucky for the entire season, but I had hoped to have a strong showing in the playoffs.

This is going to be a very expensive week. Consider:

DVD: Star Wars, Mr. Show Season 4
Books: Final volume of Stephen King's Dark Tower series
Games: Star Wars: Battlefront, Tiger Woods 2005
Man, I'm going to have to buy a gaming system just so I can have that Star Wars game.
I guess they've been holding off on making/releasing that for YEARS.
From what I understand, the Star Wars game is really only worth picking up if you're going to play it online - the single-player is populated with shoddy artificial intelligence and isn't nearly as immersive as playing with other human beings. The Xbox will have up to 24 players online; the PS2 has 16, and I think the PC will have 64.

If you're interested, here are some reviews. Most of them seem to say the same thing: almost brilliant, but not quite.
But dude, I spent my entire childhood pretending to do what this game has in it! Snowspeeders on hoth? Bad ass. I'd have done ANYTHING at 7 years old to have a video game where I could fly a snowspeeder or do that chase scene in the woods of the Forest Moon of Endor.

Remember the only gaming system I own is an NES.
Re: sold
Well, let me know if you actually end up buying it. Especially if you buy an Xbox and get hooked up to XboxLive, since we'd be able to kill Ewoks together.
oh man, i'm dying for tuesday to come--you should add to your "books" section jon stewart's new one "America: The Book."
Yeah, I'll most likely pick that up too. Didn't know when it was coming out, but it would figure it'd be tomorrow, when I'm already spending close to $200...
Already got Battlefront and it rules!!! Get it so we can Xbox Live it!
I've already pre-ordered it; as soon as the store calls me, I'll be holding it in my hands.
It looks ok. I've got too many amazing games in my rotation as it is, though - it'll have to get amazing reviews for me to pick it up at this point. Between Fable, Burnout 3, Battlefront, Tiger Woods and then Halo 2, I'm gonna be busy (and broke).
Which Patton show were you at? bottlroktt pointed out that you were there, too. I was at the second show.

Did you like Eugene Mirman?
I was at the 7pm. I love Eugene - I've inadvertantly seen him a lot around NYC, and he's also performed a couple times at a comedy night that my friend hosts.