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1. I have not given Wilco's "A Ghost is Born" its proper due, probably because I hadn't really given it a thorough listen when I bought it - it's not necessarily the best album to listen to for the first time during a noisy morning commute. I've been listening to it all afternoon, however, and it's really quite wonderful. "Company In My Back" probably takes the cake.

2. Kath and I watched the new "Empire Strikes Back" last night; it too is quite wonderful. The picture and sound quality is impeccable, and I can't spot that many obstrusive Lucas-isms.

3. Played about an hour's worth of "Star Wars: Battlefront" online last night; it's pretty fun. When you play online, lots of bots populate the game, including notable characters from the movies. For example, during my very first game online, I spawned directly in front of Darth fucking Vader, who very quickly light-sabered me into oblivion.

4. Read the first few chapters of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" before going to bed; picks up right where the last one left off and I was sad when I realized that I was too tired to keep reading.

5. Band rehearsal tonight... 2 DRUMMER AUDITIONS!!! First time we've played since the gig, which is basically one month ago. I'm gonna be incredibly rusty.
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