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1. I have not given Wilco's "A Ghost is Born" its proper due, probably because I hadn't really given it a thorough listen when I bought it - it's not necessarily the best album to listen to for the first time during a noisy morning commute. I've been listening to it all afternoon, however, and it's really quite wonderful. "Company In My Back" probably takes the cake.

2. Kath and I watched the new "Empire Strikes Back" last night; it too is quite wonderful. The picture and sound quality is impeccable, and I can't spot that many obstrusive Lucas-isms.

3. Played about an hour's worth of "Star Wars: Battlefront" online last night; it's pretty fun. When you play online, lots of bots populate the game, including notable characters from the movies. For example, during my very first game online, I spawned directly in front of Darth fucking Vader, who very quickly light-sabered me into oblivion.

4. Read the first few chapters of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" before going to bed; picks up right where the last one left off and I was sad when I realized that I was too tired to keep reading.

5. Band rehearsal tonight... 2 DRUMMER AUDITIONS!!! First time we've played since the gig, which is basically one month ago. I'm gonna be incredibly rusty.
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vader: "you got served."

i liked what i saw too--much better graphically than the clone wars, and even though i always played a battle droid or a battle clone, i like the variation of the classes. the gameplay is almost identical to UT's domination, plus the occasional "shoot down the ship" requests. i can't wait to play again tonight (and watch TESB).
One of the highlights of last night's match was me, in a Walker, looking down at Darth Vader AND Luke Skywalker duking it out, right in front of me, and me just being "Holy shit!" and getting my friends to check it out.

It's not a perfect game, but it's definitely fun as hell.
Well, I downloaded it off of iTunes. I have nothing tangible to look at. *snark snark*