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1. Kath's surgery was, according to her doctor, incredibly successful. Yay! It's been a crazy last 2 days. We made it home this afternoon OK, and she's gettin' her sleep on right now.

2. Mom, however, hasn't made any progress.

3. Downloaded "SMiLE" this morning before going to the hospital, which I'd never heard before. And, I mean, Good God. Absolutely incredible.

4. Finished the final Dark Tower book at the hospital yesterday; the ending might not have been jawdropping, but it does make sense. Started the final Baroque Trilogy book, although I've been so exhausted I've not gotten farther than a few pages at a time.

That's all, I guess. Back to work tomorrow.
I was thinking of getting that...it is that good huh?

Hey I'm working tonight if you wanna pop by and get that battery back up. Also if you need a case I can make you a great deal on one for your iPod....I need to get rid of all my 3G ipod cases for the new ones that have yet to arrive.
I'm pretty sure I'm staying at home tonight, what with the wife laid up and all. Thanks, though.

I guess you must be psyched that we didn't make another Mets/Yankees bet this season. Or did we?