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1. Kath's surgery might have gone well, but she's a hurtin' unit right now; her pain medication is making her nauseous. Very glad her mom is staying with us; I couldn't miss any more work, so at least someone's there to take care of her.

2. Mom isn't making any progress, either, which is depressing. She's not getting any worse, though.

3. I'm too nervous about the debate tonight to be able to talk rationally about it. My brother, who's down in North Carolina working on the campaign, is also nervous, but has seen Kerry debate in person and knows he's a pretty formidable force. So hopefully it won't end up a disaster. Kerry's speech at the DNC might have been a homerun, but he needs to hit 3 grand slams tonight if he's going to make any impression on America's undecided voters. Speaking of which, if you've been living in America for the past 4 years and you're still undecided, you are a fucking idiot.

4. I can't get "Child is the Father of Man" out of my head. Here's the thing about me and the Beach Boys: I didn't hear "Pet Sounds" until a few years ago, and even then I respected its genius without necessarily getting personally moved by it. Maybe because I'm a Beatles snob. Maybe I'm just heartless. In any event, I've grown to like "Pet Sounds" a great deal. However, "SMiLE" is blowing my mind. It's absolutely stunning.

5. Yankees magic number is 1. If everything stays as is, I feel pretty comfortable going up against the Twins in the first round. But to be perfectly honest, I don't like our chances beyond that; if El Duque's "tired arm" doesn't wake up soon, I highly doubt that Moose and Lieber will be enough.
"i don't know. i'm undecided"
i completely agree about the undecideds. i run into an occasional one on "the trail," and it blows my mind every time. our conversations are usually something like:
"hey, we're going door to door today to say that john kerry and the democrats have solid plans to make america stronger at home and respected in the world. kerry's top two priorities are fighting terrorism and bringing health care to the uninsured--can we count on your support?"
"sorry, i'm undecided."
"ok then, what issues are most important to you?"
"...like health care maybe, or taxes, or the environment..."
"i don't know. i'm undecided"
"ok, well can i answer any questions you might have about john kerry and his policies?"
"no, that's ok."
oh, and i forgot to add: my stomach's in knots about tonight's debate too. i know that kerry will at least hold his own, but what i'm most anxious about is the post-debate coverage, which will shape countless people's perspectives of how it went. every time they've favored bush.

look for the phrase: "he won by not losing."
Surf's Up is a great album too if you're not a Beach Boys fanatic.

I'm gonna pick it up today as well as the new Interpol.
Caught you on tiburon_y_oso's lj friends.

3. Amen brother. I almost don't want to watch it tonight as I'm just way too emotionally invested in the result. It will either be inspiring or heart breaking.

4. SMiLE is pretty damn fantastic isn't it? I'm admittedly a Pet Sounds junkie, but SMiLE is one of the few records I've heard to have lived up to such immense hype.
3. Yeah, I'm going to need to be drinking heavily. Although, if it comes out badly, I might just go insane.

4. SMiLE is just heartbreakingly beautiful. In a way, I'm almost not surprised that Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown while trying to record it; it's too gorgeous for only one brain to be able to retain. And I'm really pleased about the production aesthetic - it retains that classic Beach Boys feel without sounding overproduced. It sounds exactly like it's supposed to, except better.
1 & 2 - again, best wishes to the ladies.

3 - I'm more nervous about tomorrow at work than about tonight. No matter what happens, 95% of the people I work with won't be able to shut up about how great Bush was, even if every one with a functioning brain recognizes his idiocy.

4 - I can't even talk about this yet. I teared up the first time I heard the "Wonderin', wonderful you" part. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

5 - If the thought of facing Johan Santana twice in a five-game series doesn't give you nightmares, then you haven't been paying attention.
4. Yeah, that "Wonderful" bit is jawdropping.

5. Hey, Santana is scary, no doubt. But that's the thing about a 5-game series - you have to win 3 games, and he can't pitch 3 times. The Yankees have had the Twins' number for at least 5 years now. I'm more worried about the Yankees beating themselves than the Twins. The Yankees have too many pitching concerns to be reliable. Right now, the bats and Mariano are the only sure things - and obviously, I don't trust Mo against Boston.
5. No, but he *will* win game 1, I have no doubt about that. Which means that you'll go to the Metrodome needing to win at least 1 of those 2 games to stay alive. All I know is that I'm more afraid of Minnesota than any other team in the AL in a short series.
Santana can win twice. Radke can win once. There's three right there.

My Twins are definitely the X-Factor in this series. But they'll probably end up playing Boston if they can take two out of the next four.