Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. New York Liberty aside, yesterday's gotta be the first time in a long time that 4 NY teams won on the same day. I can not believe that the Giants beat the Packers at Lambeau, nor can I believe that they're 3-1. That's just... that's just crazy talk.

2. Although I can't have IM on my work computer (or even create my own desktop), I have discovered that (a) I can stream AirAmerica and (b) I can copy CDs onto my hard drive. This means that (a) I can rejoice in Randy Rhodes' insanity and (b) I can not wear out my iPod during slow stretches at work.

2a. It's been, like, at least 6 months since I've used IM. I've been without it so long, I guess I've forgotten to miss it.

3. Kath is doing much better - no more nausea, although she's still in pain. ALSO - my mom should be getting released from the hospital any day now; her fever's gone down quite a bit.

4. Kath's office sent us a TON of yummy food from, which is an awesome gesture and also made for a delicious dinner. I can't imagine my office doing that for me. Then again, I had to apologize for leaving work early when I had my kidney stone, so...

5. Pumped for Edwards/Cheney tomorrow night. No more Bush/Dick!

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