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I'd like to formally welcome my good buddy echothree to the world of LJ. He is a prince among men, and an unparalleled Star Wars geek.
wow. i get an announcement? that's very kind. i kinda feel the butler just heralded "Lord and Lady Douchebag!"

thanks, jervo
geek test!

i will admit to not knowing much of the "EU" (that's Extended Universe, i.e. non-Lucas scripted material, for the non-geeks). so while i remember some alien (that looked like a cross between Snuffleupagus and the Michelin Man) who i believe was a keeper of a holocron in "Dark Empire" i do not remember his name.

i can see i will be getting no work done today.
that's him--his name is bodo baas. you get points for the description. i used to read the SW EU novels back in middle/high school, but my geekitude for star wars is on the wane, i'm afraid to say. i'm still hoping to have something to do with EpIII though.

welcome to LJ--where nothing gets done off your computer!
No apologies necessary. If you REALLY want to get your geek on, though, you'd get XboxLive and play Star Wars: Battlefront online w/ me.
i must admit to already haven given it serious thought-- especially since i'm one battle away from finishing the game already. maybe you could shoot me an email and tell me the basics of xboxLive, as i know it's a pretty different animal from PS2online.

pretty please.
you son of a bitch.

errr, I mean, yo. welcome aboard.

yes, I am a Red Sox fan. yes, I am bitter. WHAT OF IT?!?!
that's alright dude. two of my bestest friends are Sox fans and i don't hold it against them... much.