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1. Half day today; taking Kath to the foot doctor this afternoon.

2. Just finished "System of The World", which was beyond wonderful. Will start re-reading "Cryptonomicon" forthwith.

3. The results from my mom's biopsy came in; it's 100% not cancer. Could end up just being a wierd inflammation.

4. Stupid debates - don't you know I have a baseball game to watch!?!! I was flipping back and forth, as mojo would allow. At one point I turned it on right in the middle of Bush talking about his religious convictions, which nearly caused me to vomit. Saw Kerry's answer about homosexuality not being a choice, saw Bush's "I really don't know". Saw Bush get asked a question about the minimum wage and then not even ATTEMPT to answer it. Saw Bush wink 3 times, saw him smirk and guffaw more than necessary, saw Kerry becoming Commander In Chief.

5. Speaking of baseball, you Red Sox fans can breathe easier; I will be out of town all weekend, unable to work my invincible mojo. Because of my powers, the Yankees have won the last 5 playoff games. Remember, also, before you angrily comment in my journal, that I am not gloating, nor am I in any way under the belief that the series is over.
in other words, you caught bush bein' bush! where are you headed this weekend?
Goin' home; spending time with my mom, also my dad, and going to a wedding.
We all know how it's going to unfold.

Red Sox lose these first two, cause all Boston fans to lose faith and expect an eventual loss, then they win the next two games at Fenway, which puts hope back in the Red Sox fans. Then they take it all the way to a game 7 and lose there. Two years in a row, absolute heartbreak. IT CANNOT HAPPEN ANY DIFFERENTLY.