Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Half day today; taking Kath to the foot doctor this afternoon.

2. Just finished "System of The World", which was beyond wonderful. Will start re-reading "Cryptonomicon" forthwith.

3. The results from my mom's biopsy came in; it's 100% not cancer. Could end up just being a wierd inflammation.

4. Stupid debates - don't you know I have a baseball game to watch!?!! I was flipping back and forth, as mojo would allow. At one point I turned it on right in the middle of Bush talking about his religious convictions, which nearly caused me to vomit. Saw Kerry's answer about homosexuality not being a choice, saw Bush's "I really don't know". Saw Bush get asked a question about the minimum wage and then not even ATTEMPT to answer it. Saw Bush wink 3 times, saw him smirk and guffaw more than necessary, saw Kerry becoming Commander In Chief.

5. Speaking of baseball, you Red Sox fans can breathe easier; I will be out of town all weekend, unable to work my invincible mojo. Because of my powers, the Yankees have won the last 5 playoff games. Remember, also, before you angrily comment in my journal, that I am not gloating, nor am I in any way under the belief that the series is over.
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