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Dude, this happens to me all the time.
time to forge my army of sex-having video recorder-bashing sleep zombies and dominate the world!

i also like how saying "i love you" was called stupid by that one guy.
So, if you're asleep and having sex with strangers:

1. Don't people lock their doors anymore?
2. How do you manage foreplay? Or are the strangers simply ready and waiting for a sleepwalking pleasure machine?
3. WTF?!!!
Sometimes I'll wake up and my dick is in someone I've never seen before, and after a few minutes I'm like "hey, what the fuck?" Now I know why!
It's the new excuse!
"Honey, I swear, I was just sleeping! I have no idea what she's doing here!"
Finally someone is speaking out about this horrible condition. We should start a support group or something.

Or at least make t-shirts that say, "It ain't cheatin' if you're sleepin'!"