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There are several video links to the aforementioned Jon Stewart appearance on Friday's "Crossfire" in this Fark thread. As of Friday, 11:53pm, some of them still work. The transcript I posted earlier is pretty funny, but I didn't realize that he was actually being serious. Jon Stewart fucking rules. As long as the mainstream newsmedia continues to treat him as one of their own, I'm glad to see that he's going to fuck them in the ass on their own show.
I mirrored one on my website, for the use of your friendy friends.


For best results, right-click and save as, instead of trying to watch it in the browser.
that clip was unfuckingbelieveable. stewart rocks. they definitely got more than they bargained for and he totally showed them up for the entertainers that they are as they totally failed to engage him in a relevent, cogent, and serious conversation.

did i use the word "totally" enough? totally!