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1. It's a good thing I'm not a headline writer for any sports section of any New York newspaper today, because all my ideas would be something like "FUCK" or "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST" or "ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING CHOKE-JOB". While some of my Boston-loving LJ friends would have you think otherwise, this series is now Boston's to lose. Consider that the Yankees had the lead in the 8th inning for games 4 and 5 and had the winning run at the plate in game 6. What else could they possibly need? Even my radio mojo has failed.

2. What's incredibly frustrating about this 3-game-long choke job is that it's preventing me from working on the music for this 6 Characters film short that's premiering in a little over a month. In a perverse, horrible way, I'm even sort of hoping that the Yankees lose tonight just so I can have my brain back and I can concentrate.

3. Yesterday, I bought Ed Wood, which I've never seen but have been salivating over forever, and Arrested Development, Season 1, which Kath and I watched the first disc of last night and which made us both very happy.

4. Having finished THE BAROQUE CYCLE, I am now enjoying Cryptonomicon even more than the first time I read it. I don't know what Neal Stephenson is presently working on, but I'd love it if it were something like THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ENOCH ROOT.

Still nothing for #5. Weak.
Don't you DARE pull some reverse jinx bullshit on us.

And while I don't want to watch tonight's game, mostly because they've won every game I haven't watched, I may feel pulled to do so after my previous engagement. Damn non-baseball-watching friends!
Last night proved to me that any superstitions held within my house are completely unfounded.

I personally changed my viewing position about 9 different times, from pacing in the living room to sitting in my room upstairs to sitting in the living room to listening from out on the porch. Our cat, Gus, nicknamed "Rallycat" during the playoffs, wandered in and out of the house whereas before we felt that he needed to be in the house the whole time. None of it worked against the team.

And yes, I realize that I'm insane.
1. I know I've said I'm not a superfan like you, jervo, but you wouldn't know it from my screaming at the TV the last few nights. this is unbearable-- and i agree with your points. it's not ours to loose anymore.

3. How's the AD DVD? Love that show, I do. Extras? Deleted scenes? Commentary?
1. It's completely ridiculous. Tell you what - my plan, tonight, is to have the game on the radio while playing Xbox Live so as to better channel my aggression. To paraphrase the Xbox slogan, "it's good to kill things together". If you're around, so am I.

3. The AD DVD is awesome; it even looks great. We haven't delved too deeply in the extra features - each disc (of 3) has around 6 episodes; one episode featuring lots of commentary; extra/deleted scenes; and one mini-documentary. We only watched the first disc, without any extras, but we laughed like idiots for most of it.
i think that's a swell idea-- if only i could follow suit. the problems would be:

1. the only radio i have is thru my receiver, which is also how i get sound from the TV and Xbox.

2. my BoSox lovin' roomate may want to watch the game on the TV.

3. and i'm still trying to figure out how i'm gonna catch LOST, Smallville, and the Game.