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Well, Boston fans, you've done it. The Red Sox have beaten the Yankees, in the greatest comeback in the history of the game. And now you've brought on the fucking apocolypse.
jokes on you Boston! you still have to win the world series. curse lifted? HA! you'll wish you lost tonight!

ok.... that doesn't really make sense.

dunno. haven't said a word to him since the game ended.

kidding. i think he's happy, but it's probably a feeling i wouldn't understand.
Tell you what. I can accept this defeat, I guess, under one condition; that the rest of the country gets New England fever, realizes that John Kerry is from Mass, and elects him President of the United States. Then, and only then, will I be OK with this. In the meantime, look out for volcanos and earthquakes.
Kerry gets Sox mo'? Well, if the Series is Boston vs. Houston, it's essentially Kerry vs. Bush writ small. I wonder if it'll tip the balance of the election. :)
One can only hope. I'll root for a Boston/Texas series... Ortiz teeing off on Clemens ought to be fun. Who'd you rather face now, anyway, St. Louis or Houston?
Wait, is there a World Series we have to go to now? :)

Um, Houston. St. Louis is a powerhouse. Plus, we get to bitchslap Roger, that little punk.
Too bad Jongre isn't around these days. Remember how we first met? He put that Yankees win from Shea stadium jpeg in the comments...and now this.

The sad thing is that there is a hell of a series going on in St. Luis; probably the second or third best baseball town in America...
Dude, I'm sorry. The Yankees are a love/hate deal, and I fall on the hate side. What can I say... I am a lifelong Braves fan, and I know how hated they are. And I can see why folks hate the Braves and love the Yanks.

Love/hate are just different sides of the same coin. The opposite of both is indifference. No gives a fuck about the Royals or Mets right now because they suck.

And... this has been the most exciting postseason I can remember. Regardless of outcome, it has been and will be a wild ride.
i agree with mgrasso. no cubs, no apocalypse.

still, this makes me HAPPY.
Sorry, man....

I should have taken that bet from Adam on Sunday night... anyhow, I'll try not to gloat and swagger too much out of respect for family and all...

Oh who am I kidding. Last night felt better than any sports moment with the possible exception of January 2002 watching Vinatieri's kick put away the Rams in the Super Bowl. Now there will be no asterisks if they win the World Series...
Re: Sorry, man....
Look, if there's any time that you're allowed to gloat and swagger, this is it. Last night was the greatest comeback in the history of professional sports. I can take it. It hurts, but I can take it.

The only gloating I can't stand is from non-Red Sox fans who hate the Yankees. (Although, Paul was a Brooklyn Dodger fan - that oughta carry some weight, too.) Anyway, it drives me insane, because it's not their team that beat us. Anyone can hate the Yankees, that's nothing special. My boss is a freakin' Cleveland Indians fan, but suddenly Boston is his second or third-favorite team and he's been singing in his office all day. I've informed him that for every snarky comment he directs my way, that's one typo I'm not correcting. So far, he's up to about 20 typos and I'm pretty close to setting his office on fire.