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Remember what I said about the apocolypse? Why are you beating up on your own, Boston?

Because all urban hipsters with square glasses and hand-woven scarves must die.

(Seriously, though. That's fucked up.)
I know that it's really lame to beat up your own fan, but is he really wearing a blazer with his hoodie?

Or maybe a Yankee fan threw a baseball at him?
This photo was taken near Fenway last night - I can't imagine any Yankee fan with even the smallest will to live anywhere NEAR Fenway.
Excellent point. It must have been the blazer/hoodie combo then.

All kidding aside, that really is pretty fucked up. "We won!! I'm gonna punch you in the face!!"

Maybe it was their "Jackass" moment.
what's the matter, boston? why you hitting yourself? what's the matter--gonna cry? gonna cry?

seriously, where did you get that from? a NYY fan i work with wants to see the context.
I got it from Yahoo news - apparently there was some minor rioting near Fenway last night.
yeah, i was there. just a bunch of drunk people doing nothing. i didn't even punch that kid that hard!