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Not having baseball to worry about is actually kinda nice - I can get work done, I can spend quality time with the woman, I can get a full night's sleep. All three of those things happened in copious amounts this weekend. To wit:

1. I'd been slacking to alarming degrees on the 6 Characters soundtrack, and so basically I had to have SOMETHING for them when they came over on Saturday for a writing session. As I'd been running out of time, I basically broke the video into 4 or 5 segments, and planned out music for each segment (knowing that I'd also have to create some transitions, but that would be easier once I knew what I'd be linking to). Of those 4 or 5 bits, I knew what music I wanted for 3 of them (one of which would be reprised at the end), but I had no idea what to do about the others. So at 12:30pm, I played them what I had, and then we talked about the missing bits. Once that was settled, I had until 3:30 to write the missing bits, AND the transitions, AND then record the whole thing as a rough draft - with 2 guitars, bass, keys and drums (AND THEN mix, master and burn a CD). Oh, also, I didn't have access to a DVD player while I was recording this, so I had to rely on my time cues that I had written down a few nights previous, so I really didn't know if my segues would line up or not. The video short is just under 6 minutes, by the way, which might not seem that long but is actually a fucking ETERNITY when you don't know how to fill up the space. The exciting news, though, is that I actually did it. At 3:40pm, I put in the CD, fired up the DVD, and we all watched it for the first time. They were actually pretty pleased with it, too; it was obviously a bit rushed and rough, but it's enough for the editor to work with and now I have until Thursday to come up with a polished and tweaked version.

2. Kath and I watched the entire Arrested Development DVD, and we are pretty sure it's the greatest show of all time.

3. We also watched The Office special, which wasn't as laugh-out-loud funny as we'd maybe hoped, but certainly chock full of horrifyingly awkward moments and a very, very satisfying conclusion to the Tim/Dawn saga. It got a little dusty in the apartment.

4. And we ALSO watched The Ladykillers, which we both felt was quite bad.

5. Kath also kicked my ass in Monopoly. In under 90 minutes.
that sounds like what i hope my post-election time to be. i've had a gut feeling that arrested development was good, but i've only seen one episode (the whistle one). ladykillers, inversely, looked like it wasn't worth renting based on the reviews/trailers.

you playing any xbox now?
Trust your gut. Arrested Development is completely insane, and I have to give Fox some respect for putting a show this subversive on the air. True, the Simpsons is pretty subversive as well, but it hasn't been culturally relevant for a couple seasons and AD is fresh and funny and CHOCK FULL of amusing guest stars, like half the cast of Mr. Show (Odenkirk, Ennis, Johnston, etc.) and a lot of the supporting players in "Best In Show" and "Mighty Wind".

Haven't been playing THAT much Xbox recently; this is the calm before the Halo 2 storm. There are a couple of new titles (that either just came out or are coming out soon) that I'm sorta interested in, but nothing terribly urgent - once I beat Fable, I wasn't necessarily in the mood for anything mindless. You?
my xbox plan is to get the election over and done with before trying to find out what happened to it when the SW dvd patched the dashboard. once i get it fixed, it'll be just in time for halo 2 i predict.

have you picked up season 4 of mr. show yet? i'm convinced it's the best EVAR.
I shudder to think that the election will have already happened before Halo2 arrives. That's, like, INSANE.

I have picked up Season 4; while there are some episodes that are unbelievably funny, there are also some that I'm not really that fond of. Which episode is the one with that fucked-up sketch about the "House For The Blinds"? That one is fantastic.
crap, i'm drawing a blank on that one. my favorites are on disc 2: the "what did you do the week we were apart?" one, the one with the two assholes marrying each other just to continue their abuse, and the one where bob is a narc and puts on the sombrero camera hat. they're all "lowellable."
Apparently, the SW DVDs do some interesting things to "modded" Xboxes. I don't think you'll have a problem, unless you've been doing illegal stuff to it. There's been a minor uproar about it in certain gaming forums, to be sure, since it'd have been nice to know that the SW DVD would actually affect your Xbox without you giving it express permission.
all right! fine! i'm getting ADon DVD this week-- happy?!

As for The Office Special i'm sad to hear it wasn't all that and then some. I have it tivo'd and waiting but haven't watched it yet.

Should one have seen series 2 before seeing the speical?
1. You say it like buying AD is a bad thing, like a nuisance.

2. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Office Special might not have been gut-bustingly hilarious, but it's still fantastic television. You'd probably want to watch Season 2 first, if only because there are certain, linear storylines in Season 2 (i.e., Tim/Dawn, David Brent's job security, etc.) that are directly related to what happens in the special, and you'd be better served by knowing what they are instead of just jumping the gun.
1. sarcasm. though i have cut down on my DVD purchases, this seems like it's worth owning.

2. damn! looks like i'll be buying The Office season/series 2 on DVD as well! (or if i can wait i'll netflix it).
1. It definitely is. There's a lot of stuff that bears re-watching.

2. Well, if you can wait, there's going to be a super-deluxe Office set coming out in a couple weeks - seasons 1 AND 2 AND the special, plus a bonus disc of extras. (It's the same bonus disc that's currently on the Season 1 DVD.)