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1. Still madly in love with Arcade Fire's "Funeral". Also, out of nowhere, I listened to Beck's "Sea Change" and started to actually get it. It bored me the first couple times I played it and so I forgot about it; someone was telling me the other day to give it another shot.

2. Finished Cryptonomicon a couple days ago; it takes on many new interesting layers of intrigue and significance, having finished The Baroque Cycle. Now I need a new book. Any suggestions? I might pick up something by Douglas Coupland, as I loved Microserfs, but I haven't read anything else. Beyond that, I'm open for anything.

3. Finished the basic tracks for the new, revised 6 Characters short; tonight is acoustic guitar, keys and maybe some percussion. I have to do it early, since the downstairs neighbors are starting to be dickheads. At least last night, I didn't have to make any noise. I'm still not totally thrilled with what I've come up with, but it's something, and maybe it'll work better when the video is tweaked a bit. At this point, I'm ready for it to be out of my hands.

4. Getting a haircut tomorrow, which isn't necessarily that big in terms of news but I'm doing something a bit different; I'm getting the Michael Bluth. My obsession with Arrested Development notwithstanding, I think it's a pretty good look, and sorta close to what I'd ideally like on top of my head, anyway. This means that I'm going to be using gel and other hair shit. But it also means that I'll stop feeling like a dork whenever I come into work with my hair all long and messy and unkempt. Not that I care what work people think, of course, but it's just that I've had such a wierd relationship to my hair over the last 10 years, and I'd like to have something that doesn't look totally stupid. Kath likes this approach, which goes a long way towards making me feel comfortable with it; maybe I won't look like such a hippie when the rest of the band sees it, too.

5. I don't really know what to say about the World Series; I haven't watched more than an inning or two, since I've been busy doing the music thing. All I will say is that I hope the series moves back to Fenway - I know you Boston fans want to win the damned thing, but I think it'd be 10000x cooler if you won it at Fenway. Also, and I speak from experience, sweeps are so damned uninteresting.
I'm not sure that I can discuss the World Series rationally, but here's a try:

It's not supposed to happen like this. It's not supposed to be easy. We took game 7 of the 2003 ALCS better than I think a lot of people would have for one reason and one reason alone: that was what was supposed to happen. This team brings its fans to the brink and then breaks their hearts in two. It stops surprising you after a while. This year's ALCS, that's how it's supposed to go...even when it goes well, they break your heart at some point, do everything in their power to make sure that you can't possibly enjoy a normal life while things are happening. And then they made the world series, after the biggest win in franchise history (or so I'm told), only to face the team with the best regular season record in baseball, and I honestly expected something of a letdown. There's no way you get through a series like the ALCS and go into the next series guns blazing. And yet they have. And now, here we were, quite possibly 12 hours away from the first Red Sox world championship since the early stages of World War I, and it's essentially a done deal. It's so fucking anticlimactic that I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not losing sleep. I'm not biting through my fingers. I don't even know a good way to finish this.

Once this happens, everything that defines being a red sox fan changes. For the better, trust me...I don't embrace the loveable loser thing, I don't worry about losing our identity as the stubborn ones who never quite reach the prize...but I'm in a place right now that is so unfamiliar that it's actually disorienting.
The only time that a sweep was necessary was when the Yankees did it in 1998, and that was mostly because they won 112 games and it added to the whole mystique about them being one of the greatest teams ever. And I'm only being half-serious here, of course - sweeps are uninteresting, even for the winning team. Not that Red Sox fans need any more drama, of course - I'm sure you'd rather win it tonight than prolong the series and open up even the slightest ray of hope for the Cardinals, now that you've proven that a team 3 outs away from getting swept can come back to win the series.

Fuck it, man, no need to overanalyze it - when you guys win it, tonight, enjoy it.
if you're going down the Coupland alley, i suggest "Generation X" and "Girlfriend in a Coma" first.

also "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman was the best thing i've read in years.

also, hey! long time no chat :D
Excellent, I'll pick up all of those; I've heard great things about the Klosterman book, too.

And, yeah! Hey! How the hell are you? Work won't allow IMing anymore, which is why I'm not IMing you (or anyone) anymore.
Honestly, "All Families Are Psychotic" was probably my favorite of his, and I seem like the only one who feels that way.
for a quick read
There's no beating Life After God, by Coupland. Easily one of my favorite books. I'm actually going to buy it for someone this week, so it's funny you mention ol' Douggie.
If you're going to get something else by Coupland, I recommend Life After God. I recommend EVERYTHING of his, but that one especially :)
Everyone else is singing the praises of "Life After God", and I'm going to add to the chorus. It's a beautiful book. I like most of Coupland's books, although I found "Shampoo Planet" unreadable after about 100 pages.

Good call on the haircut - Jason Bateman/Michael Bluth is hot.