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1. Congratulations, Boston. Now you're just the latest big-payroll team to buy themselves a championship. See you in 2090!

2. Congratulations, me! I finished both the "elevator music" opening and the main soundtrack last night. You're more than welcome to listen (right-clicking and saving, of course), although obviously you'll have absolutely no context (unless you were actually in it).

3. I can't believe the election is NEXT TUESDAY. Which means, of course, that Halo 2 comes out THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY. Those of you with Xboxes, we should start our own LJ clan. I'm starting to foam at the mouth.

That's it for now, I guess. There are some things I could bitch about, but I'm in a surprisingly good mood this morning, and I don't necessarily need bile spewing out of my ears.
Now you're just the latest big-payroll team to buy themselves a championship.

And this from a Yankees fan. Irony, your name is jervo :)
Well, that's the point, isn't it? I have to hear that shit every day.
Do me a favor then - while you guys are throwing aroud cash, why not throw some at Sosa so he can get the fuck out of MY town? :)
Oh, I have no belief that getting rid of Sosa will solve the Cubs' problems.

I just have personal dislike of the man and want him off of the team and out of my city :)
Doubting Thomas probes the wound
We bought it with HEART, you evil bastard. And BLOOD.

Stigmata, baby.
Doubting Thomas gets his ass pummeled
If this means that the Yankees get to play the scrappy underdog next season, I'll sign up right now.
Re: Doubting Thomas gets his ass pummeled
Remember how after Game 7 I said I wouldn't gloat?

I fear that now, now I'm gloating. :)
Re: Doubting Thomas gets his ass pummeled
You don't really fear it, but that's OK.

For now.

Boy, I gotta wonder what George is gonna do NOW.
Re: Doubting Thomas gets his ass pummeled
Beltran, for a start, right? And then that Rivera-Martinez setup-closer combo. I think Lowe is staying here, though.
mark bellhorn (in my opinion the mvp) gets $490,000 and drives a TOYOTA CAMRY WITH A RED SOX BUMPER STICKER ON THE BACK.

2004, my friend. 2004.
Bellhorn rocks my world. So does Ortiz. Curt "dwarven paladin" Schilling. Johnny Damon. They're all so likeable. Well, with a couple exceptions.
yeah, man. i'm all about the unsung heroes. fucking dave roberts, man. dave fucking roberts.
Who would have ever thought that the fate of the Red Sox would hinge on a stolen base??? Slow bastards. :)
Yeah, no offense, but let's save that "big-payroll" stuff for if they win again within in the next five years or so. Right now I think it's all about the history.
1. enough blood has been spilled here. i'll just say "congrats" to all ye boston fans and leave it at that.

2. dig the music! the refrences to "brazil" are nice and subtle. can't wait to see it all put together (havent seen anything since the rough assembly).

3. Halo 2 in two weeks?! good lord man. i have a bunch of days off lined up from mid november thru the new year. i guess i know what i'll be doing. if you're serious about starting a Halo 2 LJ group, let me know what i need to do-- i'm in!
2. It's a shame that the opening music is only going to be about 20 seconds long; for some reason, the whole thing just cracks me up. But yeah, I figured a Brazil reference would come in handy there. The main thing will make more sense when its set to the final edit.

3. I have no days off, but I'll be online as much as Kath will let me. And it's ON. Clan-making is apparently very, very simple, and I'm sure we'll figure it out.
sounds great! you hit the elevator music tone perfectly for the first one and the second one's catchy.
Thanks! Obviously, the second one is meant to be seen, not heard (i.e., the shifts in music are directly related to visual cues) but I'm glad that it sorta stands up on its own.