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1. Suddenly I'm in love with music again. I made an iPod playlist yesterday which basically consists of my favorite albums of 2004, and, quite honestly, that's a lot of music. My early contenders for Album Of The Year, in no particular order:

Honorable Mention:
  • Morrissey, You Are The Quarry
  • Sufjan Stevens, Greetings From Michigan - Yes, I know this came out last year, but I didn't get it until this year, and I love it.

2. Friday night, Kath and I rented Van Helsing, which turned into our own private MST3K viewing, especially since the guy playing Dracula appeared to be channeling Bono, right down to the faux-drunken stagger. Ominous chimes prompted such quips as "Sorry, it's just the piano tuner," and it quickly went downhill from there.

3. Saturday - Jongre's birthday + Scaryoke. I took pictures, which I haven't uploaded yet. Good times.

4. Sunday - band rehearsal. (!!!) Giants win.

5. Today - day from hell.
-try the pinback. do you have any other of their stuff? this is a good starting place if you don't. they have a very distinct sound that i can't compare to anyone. it's definitely not for everyone. i never like any of there albums at first, but once you listen a few times they're really rewarding. i just them in concert for the second time a few weeks ago, and they put on a great show. the lead singer, rob crow, is the biggest nerd alive. i love him.
-yeah, shugo. yeah. trust me. it's only 25 minutes, but every second is genius.
-i'm a huge tom waits fan. i have all his stuff. i'd say rain dogs is probably the best starting point. from there, if you like his dirty sound, go forward. if you like it more lounge-bar-smokey-drunk, go backwards. either way, get "mule variations" from a few years back...i think from '99. it's near perfect.