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Voting in New York might not carry the same weight as it would in a swing state, but GODDAMN I feel empowered this morning.

kickass. I'm going in about 2 hours, though I don't know if there is any hope for North Carolina
Well, at least vote for that Bowles (sp?) person. My brother was on the Kerry/Edwards campaign but has since been shifted over to that one, and any Senate seat will help!
Yeah I plan on it. I also plan to vote Kerry, but there are a lot of backwoods rednecks in NC that would vote for Bush no matter what
Zina and I went at 6:30 am. And we've still got that nice voting high, too.

Please god... Please. I'm asking SO nicely!
You know what's frightening? According to my handy lil' desk calendar, not only is today Election Day, but in Mexico it's the DAY OF THE DEAD.

*crosses fingers*

Hell, I live in Mass. now and I'm psyched to be voting. So, it doesn't matter where you live. Get out there!
You fucking Massachusetts LIBERAL!

I love how W completely alienated an entire state during the debates. That's leadership!
It's also so strange that we never see any campaign ads in NYC. I guess I should be thankful for that, though...
not so strange-- would really be a waste of money, dontcha think?. still i feel a bit left out of the loop. why can't i be brainwashed like everyone else?

and yes, i VOTED. and it feels GOOD.