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*keeps fingers crossed*

According to Drudge:

Election 2004 has been rocked with first wave of exit polls which show Kerry competitive in key states, campaign and media sources tell DRUDGE.... National Election Pool -- representing six major news organization -- shows Kerry in striking distance -- with small lead -- in Florida and Ohio..
My liveblogging is beginning NOW over at mgrasso. Last time I liveblogged, the Sox beat the Yanks. ::hope hope hope::
That's it! Between your Superchunk icon and your constant dissing of the Yanks in jervo's journal, I'm Friending you, dammit! :D
Specific numbers here. Don't read too much into exit polls, as they can be grossly inaccurate, with a margin of error much larger than regular polls. But also consider that in states with early voting -- Florida especially -- Kerry likely kicked ass. A Gallup poll of early voters in Florida went 51-43 for Kerry. These exit polls almost surely do not count early/absentee votes, so anything close to a tie is great so far.