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1. HALO 2!!! My copy should be arriving momentarily. echothree's already got his copy; I'm chomping at the bit. I'm seriously considering getting a "severe stomach virus" later this afternoon and for the rest of the week.

2. I wasn't planning on getting any of the new handheld gaming systems; aside from being pretty expensive and not being Halo 2, the Sony PSP will have an incredibly short battery life and I'm not terribly interested in any of the games coming out for the NintendoDS. Until, of course, I saw Nintendogs. Kath and I can't have a puppy in our current apartment, so this might be the best alternative.

3. Not much else is going on; started reading "Life After God", which I'm sorta reluctant to read on the subway or at work because I might finish it in about 20 minutes. I've been obsessively listening to "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde", which I've loved for years but apparently went out of print (or at least isn't being sold in New York City record stores). And, really, that's about it. One of my bosses is out today, so I might have more random crap later in the day, if I can tear myself away from the Halo 2 manuals...
Dunno; also, not sure if there's pooping involved. It looks pretty Japanese, so there very well might be...
i ordered a special edition of halo from gamestop and they said that it was shipped yesterday, so theoretically it could come today, right? right? *sigh* not that i have time to play it until saturday, anyway...

i'm glad you're reading LAG--that book and i have a special bond. i was working on an adapted screenplay for it a while ago, until i had lunch with this guy (brian cox in adaptation) and he advised not writing any adaptation you don't have the rights to. i took his advice and have been miserable kept writing ever since.

keep me posted on halo stuff!
My Halo2 just arrived about 10 minutes ago. All the major online game retailers are now putting up disclaimers about how they're completely overwhelmed; still, though, if you signed up for next-day shipping, you ought to get it today.

I've been trying to read LAG as slowly as possible, which basically equated to not reading it very much at all; I read very quickly, and I find myself reading 10 pages before I blink. I'll write more about it when I finish it; I've only read 2 things so far, which isn't enough to have any opinion one way or the other.

That screenplay idea sounds awesome, though, even if McKee says it's impractical.
I just got my copy, it rules...we should meet up on live later and play!

I didn't get the limited version though...
My plan is to start playing single-player as soon as I get home, and then hopping online at around 9:30-10.