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1. I have beaten Halo 2, and now I can rejoin the rest of the world. Unless the rest of the world is playing online, in which case I'll see you momentarily. (I'm getting better!)

2. StrongBad has taken a turn for the surreal, all metaphysical-style. What will e-mail 119 portend?

3. Watched Master and Commander with Kath the other night. Quite a good film, to be sure; I kinda wish I'd seen it earlier.

4. The band will be recording an EP in December/January, once our loaner-drummer finishes gigging with Sufjan Stevens. In the meantime, we don't really have anything to show anyone, so yesterday, David and I added vocals to rehearsals we recorded in February; they came out pretty good. If you're interested in what the band sounds like, with drums and vocals, this is "Early" and this is "Backbone".

5. Arrested Development, thankfully, is still awesome. David Cross doesn't even need lines anymore.
Last night's Arrested Development was top shelf.

I have no problem with that.
Did you know that the redhead from that 70s show is on Halo 2 as well? I'm playing the elite for the second time now, I'm close to the end aren't I?
I can't remember if you play the elite 2 or 3 times, to be honest; you're at least 2/3 done.
i was going to rent AD, but now i'm thinking of buying it outright! no, but i must...save....money...!
I like the tunes. I know you've been frustrated with the drummer situation, but it's good to hear you playing with some like-minded folks. All the atmospheric guitar work is you, no?
It's both of us, actually, which is nice. I'm doing the more abstract stuff, but David's got some cool toys as well.