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This is also cheering me up.

It's very possible that me, kayhoe, echothree and slimbiscuit will all be in it, as well; the theater wasn't that big, and there were cameras all up in our faces the whole time.
to anyone who doesn't know me-- i'll be the one looking like a total asshole. seriously.
Me too!!
*sniff* What about ME?! There were cameras up MY nose, too!!
I'm so watching it.
I will look for you - but I do not know who those other folks are or what they might look like - so, I'll only be able to spot you.

I think Patton Oswalt is SO funny. I have yet to test him on Jonathan, though. I love it when I know about something or somebody before him. He is usually the one exposing my ignorant ass to all things hip. Seriously - before we got together I had never seen even ONE episode of The Simpsons. It's true. I was sheltered.