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1. I've more or less beaten my cold, thanks to Zicam. Do me a favor and click on that link, will you? Ok. See how it has this brand-new "Easy To Open" packaging? See, also, that this "Easy To Open" packaging requires 5 steps before you actually get to stuff the thing up your nose? The only thing that's easier about this new packaging is the ability to get the goo all over your hands.

Also, using Zicam can apparently result in the loss of the sense of smell. Or, at least, that's what the lawyers would have you believe.

2. I suppose I'd be angier about the Giambi thing if he'd actually been a productive 1st baseman that hadn't been chronically injured over the last few seasons; as it is, I'd sorta gotten used to him sitting on the bench, striking out in big-pressure pinch hitting situations, and I'll admit that I even preferred seeing Olerud at the end of last season. Where have you gone, Nick Johnson? (And will you come back?)

3. The Untouchables was on last night. Kath had never seen it, but I'd seen it quite a bit and remember liking it a lot. Boy, was I insane. First of all - it has, by far, the worst soundtrack in the history of cinema. Secondly, Kevin Costner is atrocious, and yet only he could say a line like "Let's do some good" and have it sound just as stupid as it's supposed to. Thirdly - did David Mamet really write this screenplay? I'm guessing that De Palma deleted a ton of scenes, because there's about a zillion continuity errors that render a lot of the film incomprehensible, or at least just plain silly (i.e., when the hell was Costner's wife 9 months pregnant in the first half of the movie?) Fourth, there's nothing quite like seeing two old Irish guys trying to beat the crap out of each other in an alley in the middle of a storm. Fifth.. well, the whole Potemkin homage at the end is horrifically contrived... What else, what else... did I mention the worst soundtrack in motion picture history? Honestly. Kath and I had great fun during the final confrontation between Elliot Ness and Frank Nitti, singing "chicken shit" over the main theme.
de palma=film school hack
i share your observation of the untouchables. i remember seeing it a couple times growing up and liking it, but then it was on TV a year ago and i couldn't believe it was the same movie. you couldn't even blame the blunders on TV editing, it was that bad. i don't remember the soundtrack, but i imagine it was horribly overscored.
Re: de palma=film school hack
Maybe at the time (1987) it was great cinema, but it's horrifically dated now. (Is that even possible? That a 30's period piece filmed in the late 80s could be dated? My brain just exploded.) There are a couple cool sequences, but they certainly don't hold the film together.
Re: de palma=film school hack
Also, re: the soundtrack - it's not that it's overscored, or underscored (although it sorta is, both) - it's that the music itself is ridiculous.
Re: de palma=film school hack
i'm sure i'll regret saying this, but i liked the score. granted i haven't listend to it in a long time. perhaps all of Ennio Morricone's work sounds dated now but i'd consider that a classic film score.