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This link probably won't work after today, so click at your own risk. Basically, Scarlett Johannson is apparently dating Derek Jeter. I don't even know how to comment on that.
Down, down, down goes Scarlett on the list of "Actresses I Admire." She's about how old now? 15?

And, um... sorry if you love Derek Jeter.
All the tabloids say she's been dating Jared Leto since Summer.. or something.

I don't like how she's turned out.
Re: a little late but . . .
That's exactly where I saw it. It was in the Enquirer, too.

I loooove that picture.
Re: a little late but . . .
As far as I'm concerned, if Scarlett Jo is trying to make out with you, you let her.
Re: a little late but . . .
My wife and I have a standing agreement - if Johnny Depp wants to make out with her, that's totally OK; if Scarlett Jo wants to make out with me, it's sorta OK, but not too much.
Re: a little late but . . .
That doesn't sound too equal.. But at least she's understanding.

Its hard to believe S.Jo is only 18? 19?