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If someone had videotaped the living room in my apartment this weekend, and set it to do that time-lapse thing where 24 hours are compressed into 2 minutes, it would have looked really trippy. Because I pretty much did not move at all this weekend. This weekend was largely about decompression and minimal spending (or, smoking lots of pot, playing Dreamcast for 10 hours, then reading Infinite Jest before going to sleep). No songwriting, no nothing. Pure unadulterated vegging.

Hoping to see "The Warrior and the Princess" sometime this week; I read a review in the Times on Friday, or whenever it was, and it looks really interesting - all sorts of musings on fate and destiny and such; plus it's by the Run Lola Run folks. kayhoe - Tuesday, perhaps?

I'm working today, obviously, but I'm only gonna be at this desk for today, so I'm debating whether I should download IM or not. If it's possible and allowable to miss anything about full-time work, I miss knowing that my computer was my computer and I could have whatever on it I wanted. At my first job, I got a bitchin' laptop, which was, as you can imagine, awesome. Unfortunately, temps don't get laptops. Temps are lucky if they get computers that are better than Pentium I. I almost expect to sit down in front of some Texas Instruments cassette-driven behemoth.

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