Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Before I talk about the Pixies, I have a bone to pick with the animals in my neighborhood - specifically, the cats and the birds. First of all, as my old roommie wienerschnitzel can attest, there is a colony of cats that hang out in the vast backyard of our block, and in the last few weeks they've all decided to have wild cat orgies from 3am until around 6:30am. It's hawt, if you're into the whole screaming/screeching/fingernails-on-blackboard thing, and it's even hawter because the sound reverberates all over the courtyard, meaning that unless you live in a soundproof room, you will have cat screeches imprinted all over your subconciousness, which makes for incredibly fucked-up dreams - assuming you can fall back asleep. Secondly, I have become a target for bird poop. I closed the front gate of my apartment this morning and walked about maybe 4 or 5 paces when I saw a whoosh of white about 3 inches from my face. I immediately checked my jacket (nothing) and my pants (nothing), and then the ground (nothing), and then re-checked my jacket and pants (still nothing), and because I kept finding nothing I decided to forget about it. It wasn't until about 10 minutes ago, when I reached down to pick up a dropped paper clip, that I realized what happened to the poop - it had splattered all over my right shoe. And I mean all over - this was a gargantuan splatter. Fuck.

Anyway, the Pixies. For starters, I'm not a big fan of Hammerstein Ballroom - the sound is usually pretty terrible, beer is more expensive than at Yankee Stadium (literally - 2 Coronas will set you back $16) and it can get pretty crowded. Fortunately, Kath had gotten tickets in the upper mezzanine, which meant (1) we could see and (2) Kath would be able to sit down. The opening band was one of the worst bands I've ever seen in my life, but the Pixies made it all better. Here's the thing about my relationship with the Pixies - I'd never seen them live, and I didn't get into them until they'd already broken up. Also, I only really know Doolittle and Surfer Rosa, and even then only through headphones. So while I know they're a great band, it never occured to me that they'd be fucking FUN. And holy shit, there's nothing like singing along to a Pixies song with 2000 people, all going bananas. They were in fine form - with a great light show, which caught us both by surprise - and they all seemed to be really enjoying themselves. And instead of going offstage before the encore, they stayed on and spent about 5 minutes waving to the (completely apeshit) crowd, with the lights on, and then started horsing around before going into a rousing version of "Gigantic".

It's fun to finally see these kinds of shows with Kath - for example, we saw Jane's Addiction at MSG a while back, who we'd also never seen in their prime, and that was fun, although very big and not quite as revelatory as it probably would've been back in '90 - but it took us back to high school. The Pixies, however, were just as awesome as they could've been, and it was fucking great, and while it made me miss the early 90s, it was refreshing to see that they STILL fucking rock in 2004.


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