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Instead of writing about the tsunami, I'm going to write about some material items that I recently purchased. Not because I'm shallow, but because what the fuck could I possibly say about it? 100,000 people dead? I can't possibly wrap my brain around that number. 3,000 dead after 9/11 is hard enough, and that I saw with my own eyes. It's beyond comprehension. And it's certainly beyond me writing anything meaningful about it. I suppose I'm just waiting for some fundamentalist nut to say how it's an act of an angry God against a God-less world.

So, anyway, as I was saying, I ordered The Complete Far Side and the Anchorman 2-DVD set the other day, and they arrived at the office yesterday. The complete Far Side is what it says it is - every single Far Side cartoon ever published, some that weren't, and a whole lot of hate mail in between. It's magnificent - and also huge. It weighs around 20 pounds, and getting it home from work was nearly ridiculous. Here's a comparison between TCFS and Infinite Jest:

The Anchorman DVD set is also insane. The movie DVD has 10 minutes of bloopers plus a ton of other features; the second DVD is basically all the deleted scenes spliced into a new, side-movie. Plus bloopers, audition footage, and other crap. My brain turned off after a few hours; it was too much insanity.
Nice pic. They have the Complete Far Side on display at the local Borderssss; it's on a stand that you would keep an Oxford dictionary or the King James Bible on.
You see how my copy of IJ is sorta leaning towards TCFS? It's like TCFS has its own gravity field.
i stopped by Circuit City and Virgin last night and both were sold out of the Ron Burgundy 2 pack. Virgin even sold out of the single Anchorman DVD.
Patience, my young padawan. They will be back. And when they arrive, you must swoop upon them with due speed.