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Awwwwwww yeah, 2005.

1. Our NYE was first spent having dinner with Kath's parents, then quickly moving over to our friends' loft on Tillary St.; I got drunk very quickly and we left at around 12:15 so as to avoid traffic and drunk, homocidal cab drivers (as we have in years past).

2. Saturday was very hungover and floppy.

3. Sunday was actually quite busy - Kath and I beat a videogame in the morning, and then we had an adventure - she got a big-deal haircut (I'd show pictures, but I'll let her do that if she wants to - she looks amazing, though), and then we went to see Ocean's 12, which was awesome.

4. You know why the Ocean's movies are so awesome, besides the cast, script and director? I'll tell you why - the soundtracks fucking RULE. David Holmes is the MAN. After the movie we bought the soundtrack, which I've been listening to all morning - I've got a fucking STRUT. OK? First Monday of the new year, with a new boss and all sorts of shenanigans, and I'm fucking STRUTTING around the office because I've got these insane grooves pummeling my brain. This one track, "The Day Of", basically captures what it would feel like to steal $90,000,000 and get away with it. It feels AWESOME, in case you were wondering.

5. Speaking of awesome things, the Toys R Us in Union Square is closing. That's sad news if you're a fan of Toys R Us, I suppose, but it's awesome news if you feel like 20%-40% on fucking EVERYTHING. I predict there'll be a fuckton of poker sets in our house very soon.
1. glad you had a good new year's. mine was good too, from what i've been told.
2. same here; spent some time looking for the cat that pooped in my mouth overnight.
3. still hungover...i liked O12 as well; it was no 11, but it wasn't nearly as bad as 'people were saying'.
4. soderbergh's choice of music in all of his movies is really good. we watched solaris the other night (side note on that movie: what the hell?) and i really liked the music he used for it.
5. let me know when they sell the jurassic park dinosaur in times square.

3. It might not have been 11, but it was still fucking awesome. I might even like it more, to be honest w/ you, for the following reasons: Don Cheadle's accent is a lot less prominent; CZJ is hawt and actually quite good; Eddie fucking Izzard.

4. Solaris - yeah. I gotta say that I really liked it. A few qualifiers - (1) I never saw the original, (2) I knew that it was going to be wierd (as opposed to crazy sci-fi action), (3) I'm a sucker for anything Soderbergh/Clooney. It's definitely f'd, though.
3. i am glad in didn't turn into a rehash of all the jokes from 11, in particular cheadle's what-did-he-say accent, and it being a bunch of cheap i'm-married-to-a-thief in-jokes with clooney/roberts.

4. never saw the original myself, knew it was going to be wierd instead of blockbuster action, love cloonerberg stuff, still had no idea what was going on. i'll have to watch it again, which shouldn't be too difficult with HBO/Cinemax 1-40.
Oceans 12
Has Don Cheadle mastered his "cockney" accent yet, or is he still wading through dodgy Dick Van Dyke territory?
Re: Oceans 12
His accent is toned down considerably in 12, and his performance improves proportionally.
Regarding Ocean's 12: the acting was great, the directing was great, the music was definitely great. The story sucked. The story sucked balls. I don't know who the hell wrote that script, but whoever did obviously didn't feel the need to have it make any sense. The Julia Roberts thing was a ridiculous, cheap trick. It just didn't feel like the first one. It didn't have the same sense of subtlety and wisdom. It felt like a typical sequel, in short.

Not to piss in your Wheaties -- I just thought I'd give an opposing viewpoint on this one. The story, in my mind, was so bad that it ruined the rest of the movie for me.