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1. Lots of no posting happening; work has been completely nuts. There are some new developments that I can't quite talk about yet - not even behind a filter. The upshot is that I'll only have some sort of idea about what my job future at my company entails in approximately 1-2 weeks, pending a lot of decisions that are completely beyond my control. Anyway, about the lack of posting - it's not like there's much to report. I suppose I can drudge up enough for a 5-point bulletin, though...

2. Friday night Kath and I finally saw A Very Long Engagement, which was wonderful. Kath was an absolute wreck afterwards - she said she hadn't cried that hard since In America, although you have to keep in mind that Kath cried during the opening credits of every LOTR movie - even when we bought them on DVD, after she'd seen them 5-7 times. Audrey Tatou is fantastic, of course, but the movie itself is beautiful - just the shots of Paris circa 1910 are staggering. It's a love story within a war movie, but it's also mostly a Jeunet film.

3. In the cab ride home from the movie I thought to myself how awesome it is that, in spite of how shitty Hollywood is these days, there are still genuinely interesting films being made by directors with vision. IFC had a documentary about film in the 1970s, and everyone was just jerking themselves off about how brilliant they all were - before the studios gave them too much money, and especially before Star Wars "destroyed" the independent film scene. If anything, however, I think the visionary directors of today - the Andersons (both Wes and Paul Thomas), the Jeunets, the (to a lesser extent) Soderberghs, et al - I think they have a great deal more cojones to be making such wierd films in such a commerically-driven era. Hollywood has so much less tolerance for what constitutes a success these days, and it's refreshing to see directors who continue to not give a shit.

4. The weekend was spent indoors. Kath had rehearsal on Saturday and, as she was coming home, fell down the subway stairs, leaving her with a bruise for the ages. My Saturday was spent trying not to get sick - I also ended up on a sci-fi Bruce Willis kick, watching The Fifth Element and 12 Monkeys. Sunday we actually spent cooking, which was nice. Cooking and watching football, interspersed with "I Love the 90s: Part Deux".

5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - I'm very, very excited for next Sunday - my high school band, Nepera's Children, is going to jam. This will make for my 2nd reunion jam in 3 weeks. Fun stuff.
1. i love me some workplace upheaveal! i feel like i spelled upheaval wrong somewheres.
2. i'm so backlogged on movies i want to see, it's sad. i sitll haven't seen sideways or life aquatic.
3. word. if i can build a dvd collection that includes over 50% independent films, we're not doing that bad. the problem lies in getting the films out to the masses more. yadda yadda...
4. when does 90's retro fashion start kicking in? i want to wear a mexican hooded sweatshirt and boat shoes sooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!
5. nice! when's the reunion show? You could open for the pixies, or slint, or nelson.

in regards to:

2. i think i need to see this again. i think i told you-- but i went with some folk and had to sit in the front row, which meant i was literally having to look up and down from the action on screen to the subtitles. and it was way too close to get any perspective on the, what i imagine were, beautifully composed shots. how would you rank it among Jeunet's other films?

4. is Kath OK? did she hurt her foot? also watched some of the '90s part deux. loved the bit when MIB waxed about the brilliance of NewsRadio. I really miss that show, too.
2. Here's my Jeunet rank. 1 is by far my favorite 2, 3 and 4 are almost interchangeable; there is as wide a gap between 4 and 5 as can be. Keep in mind, though, that I sorta like A:R, mostly because I give it the benefit of the doubt at all times.

1. Amelie
2. Delicatessen
3. A Very Long Engagement
4. City Of Lost Children
5. Alien Ressurection

4. Kath's foot is OK - it's her ass that hurts. The bruise has shades of purple that I've never seen.