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Some day soon, Kath and I are going to get a Yorkshire Terrier and call him Duncan. He will look like this.

When I was 11, we got a Yorkshire Terrier, and I swear to god I wanted to name him Duncan. (We'd wanted to name him something Shakespearean, and the inspiration was MacBeth.) I was overruled, though, and we ended up calling him Devon.
We arrived at Duncan through much different lines of logic. We were talking about colors, and we agreed on a coffee-with-milk color right as we were walking past a Dunkin Donuts. Hence, Duncan.
Damn! You're gonna name your doggy after a donut chain?!! Don't get me wrong, I looooooove Dunkin' Donuts, but now I will forever imagine said potential-dog-in-future being gleefully dipped in and out of a giant coffee cup...

Good thing you and your lady weren't walking past a Sizzler, or Long John Silver's, or...or Quizno's!!
I know it's retarded. But, I mean, Duncan! Imagine Kath saying it in her "cute" voice. How can you argue with that?
NOOOOOO!!!! Yorkshire Terriers are the Hounds of Satan! I only say this because Sam sometimes dogsits five of them, and they are stinky, foul, dingleberry-prone creatures.
OK, well, I've got 2 things to say:

1. I personally want a Jack Russell or a mini-Dacsund (sp?), but Kath is pretty much sold on the Yorkie, and how can I argue with that?

2. 5 dogs in one family? No wonder they're insane.