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1. How Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was not nominated for anything visually-related - cinematography, effects, etc. - is something I'll never understand. It's maybe not the great action adventure epic I'd hoped, but it's absolutely staggering to look at. True, Gwynny's performance is so mailed in it's nearly dripping with stamps, and Lara Croft Angelina Jolie is on screen for maybe 5 minutes, making her subplot with Jude Law a nearly-invisible red herring - especially with that eye patch - but GODDAMN the movie gets it. If you want to make a movie out of comic-book, this is how you do it.

2. I've been on the verge of a cold for about 2 weeks now, and it's driving me insane.

3. Good Evening prepares for its EP tomorrow night; my high school band jams on Sunday. Very excited on all accounts.

4. There are a few interesting things about the whole Carlos Delgado thing - (i) it gets him out of the A.L. East, (ii) it means that Boston doesn't get him - why they never signed him is a mystery to me, since he's one of the biggest Yankee-killers of them all, (iii) his reasoning that the Marlins are a contender indicates that he thinks that the Mets' signing of Pedro and Beltran are empty gestures. That last one is pretty interesting; had he signed with them, the Mets suddenly look pretty good - certainly better than a 71-win team.

5. It occurs to me that maybe my cold is actually the beginning stages of BASEBALL FEVER.

BONUS - this morning my iPod treated me to my new favorite bit on David Cross' "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" - the bit about squagels. He repeats the bit somewhat on "It's Not Funny" with the thing about electric scissors, but his spiel about "Don't be oppressed by the tyranny of round" is classic. Still, my iPod then treated me to Patton Oswalt's "A Brief History of Shitty Comedy", with the immortal "Buddha has a ghost penis that lives in your cereal" line. Good times.
I really need to get that Patton Oswalt CD, don't I?

Guess what? I got a fevah. And the only prescription. Is more spring training! Oh, and a third Pats Super Bowl. Heh.
Good CHRIST, man, you haven't gotten it yet? Jesus. Maybe, then, you should bypass "Feelin' Kinda Patton" and go for the "222", which is the original, uncut performance that "FKP" was edited from. And then you can tell me about it, and then I'll be happy.
...standing there like a sweaty stack of pancakes.

and i couldn't agree more with everything you said about Sky Captain. I may ask to borrow so i can check out the special features.
You see the trailer for "Sin City" yet? Now that looks ripped right out of the pages of a comic book. Frank Miller is co-directing it.
1. Haven't seen "Sin City" yet, I don't think.

2. No Delgado comment? What's your take on that whole mess situation anyway?
You should deffinately check it out. I think you can see it on yahoo.

As far as Delgado, it's just one ofthose thigns...you can't win them all. I realize as a Yankees fan you don't experience this, but the rest of us baseball fans are used to going after free agents and coming short.

Me personally, I wanted Doug (whom we should have in the next 24 hours)...I think defense is more important than offense in our case. Plus I think people aren't factoring that David Wright will hit about 35 HRs this year and more than make up for it.

I'd still like us to lose Floyd..
Well, hey. After this season, I expect the Yankees to start free-falling; they've spent SO MUCH on old free agents and the farm system is completely decimated, and I really wasn't that crazy about the moves they made this offseason.

There are still lots of Floyd/Sosa rumors floating around. Not as a straight-up trade, obviously, but I'm curious to see how that pans out.
Yeah, I believe this is turning into the 80s all over again. You can't sustain the way the Yankees have by merely spending and if you look at the Mets they are mixing prospects with solid free agent signing. Granted the Pedro move I wasn't big on, but whatever. At the least he will sell tickets.

I'm really big on David Wright though...he's got the goods that kid. I think he will be our Jeter. His story is awesome, grew up in Norfolk a Mets fan and stuff. And if reyes can stay healthy...yeah, I feel good. 06 or 07 should be interesting.