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Behold the cuteness

Kath and I are dog-sitting for the next week or so. I took some pictures.

Here's Tristan gettin' all snuggly on the couch.

Here's the same pose, but in context. That brown thing is a black bear puppet; Tristan goes apeshit when the puppet "comes alive".

Here's Tristan, not eating his food.

Tristan and Jasper at a shindig a few weeks ago. slimbiscuit, I'm sorry I'm just posting this now!
Awww!! That's my boy!

We must coordinate tiny doggie-trade-off at some point. Just let me know when you want to do it. Say, here's a crazy idea: why don't you guys come over for dinner (or brunch or something'). I know there are crazy rehearsal/work schedules to be dealt with...
Oh... Seth was worried Tristan would be lost without his humpin' horse - but it looks like all he really needs is the black bear puppet!
Kath will most likely get in touch w/ you first - she'll be going through severe Tristan withdrawl and will need to be able to deal. But I'm totally down for a double date!