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I just got back from my very first meeting with a CPA - Kath and I are "Married, filing jointly" to the collective tune of $3,350 in refunds. This guy specializes in actors and other creative types, so there's lots of deductions to be had. BONUS: the dude happened to notice that I fucked up my 2003 NY State return - I still don't understand how I fucked it up, but I seem to have invented over $1000 in income that I never made - and he got me almost $700 back. Hell yes, I say. I'm not doing my own taxes ever again.

Tonight, Kath and I are having our belated VD dinner at Smith & Wollensky's. Nothin' says love quite like a big ol' slab of meat.
Once I opened the studio and started the label, I had to start going to a CPA. My guy also specializes in artist types and entrepreneur types. A good CPA is totally worth the cost. They typically get you 4 times the return you would have gotten for yourself even *after* their fees. Plus, we got audited last year (flagged for totally bogus and stereotypical "musician" reasons) and the dude totally saved our ass against the most incompetent and crooked IRS agent on the planet. It took 4 months, but they didn't get a dime, and he nearly got her fired. :)
Re: Nothin' says love quite like a big ol' slab of meat...
Come on, man-boobs, crack a bag, let's go.