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News a-plenty

1. Kath and I have long talked about buying an apartment; this past Saturday, we took significant steps. I went to, filled out some preliminary info and saw what banks were willing to give us; then we went to the local realtor, filled out some more forms and got the ball rolling. It's sorta wierd, now, to know that this thing that we wanted to do is now in motion; whether we like it or not, we are going to get bombarded with mortgage offers and (hopefully) see some cool apartments.

2. Good Evening is definitely recording an EP in the beginning of March, and it looks like we'll be playing some gigs shortly, too. I had a long conversation with David last night about, well, a lot of things, mostly stuff that I've been subconsciously mulling over and hadn't actually articulated out loud - how Mike, who is currently the bassist for this guy, is actually working as a professional musician - and the money is kinda shitty. And how, if I'm about to buy an apartment, I can't suddenly walk into a situation where I have to quit my job and do the band full-time if it means I'll only be making $500/week. We need to make this EP special - we can't just use it to get gigs (or drummers), we need to send it to everyone - press, indie labels, managers, anyone who might be able to generate some momentum. I don't necessarily look at Good Evening as my last full-fledged attempt to support myself as a musician, but I definitely feel like this is the moment that all my past band experiences have prepared me for - we've gotta be smart, but also pro-active and actually get something happening. Other bands I've been in have suffered from too much ambition and not enough discipline; others have been too willfully obscure; mostly there's just been laziness. We can't afford to do that now. Tiis EP will have 5 songs that we really, truly love, and we've gotta make a statement with it.

And now for the minutia:

3. Stuck on You is actually kinda funny
4. Online gaming as a concept is fantastic, but in execution it's mostly just you playing with racist, homophobic idiots
4a. I suck at Halo 2, but I'm awesome when it comes to heckling the afore-mentioned idiots
5. It's nice when I'm able to conquer my social anxiety and actually get out of the house and party
6. tiburon_y_oso, I'm sorry I didn't call you Saturday night - the night got away from me
7. I never get tired of Brazil
8. Speaking of Gilliam - R.I.P., Hunter S. Thompson. Not that peace is something you ever seemed to want
9. Fuck you, New York sports media, for being such holier-than-thou assholes (pun not intended when initially written) when it comes to Jason Giambi
10. Fuck you, Boston Red Sox, for your completely batshit-insane vendetta against A-Rod. Keep that in mind when he goes 0-5 but Randy Johnson still gets the win
11. This entry goes to 11

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