Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I like this meme. But first: Not the Gates

10 Things I've Done That Maybe You Haven't

1. Got a congratulatory kiss on the cheek from Yoko Ono
2. The same night, got dissed for my piano skills by a very sweaty and bald Paul Shaffer
3. The same night, played an impromptu version of "Like A Rolling Stone" with Lenny Kravitz on drums
4. Once was so broke, I used couch change to purchase cigarettes... instead of food... for a week
5. After being publicly humiliated by an asshole boss at a temp gig, literally told him to "fuck off" and then quit
6. Reviewed a Sam Prekop concert for Rolling Stone (well,
7. Spent a summer afternoon wandering all around Manhattan with $5,000 in cash from EMI Records in my backpack, waiting for my bandmates to get out of work
8. After dorking out in a master class, smoked cigarettes with Kevin Kline and talked about Chekhov
9. Married the girl of my dreams
10. Caused Tino Martinez's dramatic grand slam in the World Series because I had to pee
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