Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. The long-awaited Good Evening EP recording session, which date was simply "sometime in March" (as recently as 2/22), is actually now this coming Thursday and Friday. Which is to say, in 96 hours. Mike lives in this crazy building in Bushwick and his roommmate runs a pretty big-deal recording studio there, and it looks like we're going to record from 2:30pm on Thursday until we collapse, crash there Thursday night, and go all day Friday until it's done. I'm pretty goddamned excited. Our last few rehearsals have been pretty productive - aside from some minor tempo problems, we ought to be able to bang out the tracks in pretty short order. Obviously it'd be nice if we had more time to flesh everything out, throw on lots of overdubs and such but our arrangements are pretty thick as it is and it's no terrible tragedy if we can't get that stuff on tape. I just hope we have enough time to mix properly. In any event, we ought to have it in unmastered form by the weekend, and I'll try to post it shortly thereafter.

2. I'm getting baseball fever, big-time. If you're on XBL, look me up.

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